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Total NEWBIE type question.. don't laugh

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, May 18, 2005.

  1. Heyas,

    Going for ride tonight and I plan on changing the oil this weekend cause I dunno when it was last done (had the bike 2 weeks). My question is... does it matter if you put tooo much oil in the engine? cause i wanna top it up a bit today before I go for a ride and I dont understand the whole thing about how to check the oil level cause its got a 'viewing window and I dunno what its supposed to look like in regards to oil level

    Anyone got any ideas>>??? rather urgent like :D

  2. Get some one to stand the bike up off the centre or side stand, and then check the oil level.
    It should come up half way up the side sight glass.The oil level should be in the middle of the glass. :D

    Do not over fill the thing or you can really do some serious damage.
  3. yeah cause its like a circular window and the oil level is in the middle like almost 1 cm wide line which goes verically down the centre of the looking window... does that sound ok?
  4. what he said
  5. Does the oil light come on when you first start up the engine? and then turn off a second or so after?
    If so you have oil in the sump, you have oil pressure and circulation, so that only leaves going for a ride to worry about.
  6. yeah the oil like comes on briefly ay start up... I just didnt wanna run it lean
  7. Start the bike and let it run for a few minutes to heat the oil up.

    Get someone to hold the bike level, i.e don't chck it whilst it's on the sidestand.

    The sightglass will have 2 marks on it.
    1. 3/4 of the way up the glass MAX
    2. 1/4 of the way up MIN

    You should aim to have the oil line at your MAX line.

    Remember thought, run your engine first so the oil warms up and thins out.
  8. Hey Paulie,

    If you wnat to know what happens when you overfill the oil, check this out:


    I did just that a week or two ago. Not Fun.

    Listen to the other guys, they're spot on.

    See you tonight at Oporto's...
  9. Thanks guys... maybe I'll bug you to have a look tonight pete?
  10. More than happy to help you mate. I'll bring some tools...
  11. Tools? Sounds scary :)

    YAY I just got a $700 check from the M2 Motorway! Cause a sign fell off and hit my car! I think I'll just pocket the money and spend it on fixin my petrol tank on the bike, bugger the car! hehe
  12. Lol..don't be scared.

    All you need is a socket wrench with the right socket, oil pan, oil and correct filter. A breaker bar would also make the job easier and helps prevent stripping the bolt.
  13. 1. make sure its out of gear and start the bike let it warm up but dont let it get hot , otherwise you will burn yourself.
    2. crack a beer
    3. underneath on the sump you will see a sump plug , you should have a tool in your toll kit (that comes with the bike) that fits it .
    if not a big adjustable spanner .
    4. have another swig .
    5. loosen sump plug , then put oil tray , or icecream container
    (or you can drain it over the missus rose garden , or if you hate the neigbour his driveway )
    6. open another can of beer
    7. remove sump plug and let drain for 1/2 hour
    8. fish out sump plug from the bottom of the oil pan :LOL: and dry it off .
    9. place plug back in put a little smear of oil around the gasket or rubber washer on sump plug .
    10 have another beer
    11. refill oil as vic said in earlier post
    12 . dont take it for a ride as you have had to much to drink , but in the morning go for a short ride , recheck level in glass area .
    and wellaha you have changed your oil .
  14. you forgot 11.5 goto the toilet coz you drank to much beer and now you gotta piss like crazy
  15. My bike's rated to take 3.6 litres of oil. So I was a bit surprised when after changing the oil and filter it drank 4 litres and still wasn't all the way up to the max line... Weird eh?
  16. Only if you reckon the oil company _really_ sold you four litres in that four litre container. ;-)
  17. Not at all :)

    I bet the 3.6 litres is minus the oil filter. Re-read the manual ;)
  18. wouldnt the oil filter absorb some oil since u put it in dry???
  19. Not so much absorb oil... but if you do a filter change aswell then you'll need anywhere between 300-700ml more oil (depends on the bike).
    For a standard oil change, mine takes 2L, but for filter aswell its meant to be 2.3L (although i find its more 2.5L by the time i spill oil... etc etc).

    I did an oil & filter change on my bike on Friday afternoon (which turned into Friday night) and had a helluva time getting the oil filter off. Who ever you sick twisted people are that desire to do oil filters up this tight... STOP IT! :evil:

    ...And before anyone says 'you shoulda just stuck a screwdriver through it'... i did... that was after 10 minutes of struggling with it. The next 80 minutes turned into an epic battle that involved everything between that screwdriver, a couple of socket wrenches on the screwdriver for more leverage, and even the car tyre iron. ;) The first screwdriver i put right through couldnt take the force required and started to shred the oil filter canister open (!?!!), so i stuck a second one through at an opposing angle; rigged up some more leverage and then FINALLY got the bugger off. Only problem was that the sun had gone down so i was forced to use the car headlights... which then drained the car battery! :(

    Anyway, i WAS actually planning on coming down to coffee on Friday as all previous oil changes (non-filter) only take me about 20-30 minutes! Perhaps next week.