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Total newbie from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Milpool, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Total newbie to bikes here. I still don't have a bike or a license as I'm saving up to get all that; I really want to get a VTR250. I think they look really cool and seem like perfect learner bikes. Joined the forum so I can learn more before I'm finally able to do the qride course and get a bike. :)

    Really looking forward to doing some weekend riding in the future.
  2. welcome aboard :] plenty of info about and when you get you learners and bike had on down to your local netrider learner session
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    Welcome to the forum Milpool. Great learners bike the VTR250 and you can get some good examples at reasonable prices. Lots of people will say go for something bigger but any bike will teach you about riding.

    If you are a large guy you may find it a bit underpowered but if they feel Ok for you then go for it.
  4. Thanks for the tips guys. I am just over 100kg but I'm not planning on doing any highway riding so I'm hoping 250cc will be fine. I'm not too bothered about it feeling underpowered, I just need something to learn with.
  5. Hi and welcome to NR. Cya up in the hills! :)
  6. G'day and welcome, MilpoolMilpool. All the best with getting your Learner rider licence.