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Total newb

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tracecon, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all, first of all I’m an absolute newb here. Not just to this site, but to motorcycling. Having said that, I’ve taken the plunge and got my L’s. I’m 48, yep that’s right 48.

    I have a Honda CTX 200 Bushlander (Ag bike) that I’m learning on and also a Yamaha XVS650 Custom to use later. Even though the latter is leaner legal, I’d rather get experienced on the Ag. Where we live we also have several K’s of unsealed road before we hit the bitumen so I guess the Ag will help me learn to handle the conditions.

    The 650 was my wife’s however she now has a Triumph Speedmaster. This has been our plan since I suggested I get into it as ‘her indoors’ has had a MC licence for many years (although not ridden for 10 plus until the 650 came along). We socialise with a good bunch of riders of motorcycles of many sizes and makes here in Port Lincoln.

    Over here we don’t have the training requirements they require in capitals or other major regional centres. It’s still the assessor tagging along behind. I have to admit I do enjoy the short stints I do to and from work and the weekend rides on the roads around where we live.

    So a couple of things I’d like your thoughts on. At 48 am I to old and stupid to start riding (I hope not), and if not is my approach wise?

  2. Welcome to the insanity
    It sounds like you have the perfect conditions to learn to ride there. Supportive people, open roads.
    At 48 it will take you a little longer to make skills natural so that you don’t have to consciously perform actions, but that just slows you down a little not stops you.
  3. You're never too old. I have a guy at my work who is in his 50's rides a VFR800 and is an avid ulysees man. He has so much biking knowledge then me and my mate from work who just got our bikes that when we have any questions or issues he is the go to man.

    What I am saying is if he older then you is still riding then no you are not old and can also ride. On the age topic the guy who I just bought my cb400 was 71 years old and was riding until recently where he has a back problem and only sold his bike because he will be having an operation which will prevent him from riding but he still rides pillion with his ulysees mates.
  4. HI Tracecon, I got my learners and my first bike when I was 50. Good idea to ride the ag bike first for a while because there really is a lot to take in during the early learning stages. Once you get familiar and fairly comfortable with riding (which really wont take that long), then its the right time for the 650. I rode a 250 for 12 months and 10,000 klms before upgrading to an 1100 and found it much easier a transition than I though it would be.
  5. Never to old Tracecon, go for it, have fun doing it mate!
  6. I'm also a bit older than you and started riding in my mid 50's. The fastest way to get competent is to do training courses. You can make quantum leaps in technique in a day!

    PS Get good protective gear. We don't bounce.

  7. Too old - definitely not...

    Too stupid - probably not... :)
  8. Paging JohnnyO... he's 50 and shows up most of us younger hoons...

    age has nothing to do with your riding style
    age has nothing to do with your lust to ride

  9. Better late(r) than never!
  10. Thanks for you comments and more importantly support and advice. Looks like I'm going to enjoy this new found pleasure. In hindsight, probably better to take it on at this time of my life as I may not have been around if I took it up when younger.

  11. Explain. ???
  12. i think hes aiming at the "everyone who rides motorbikes crash and die" thing or possibly "all young riders are reckless and die" thing :p
  13. That's about it.
  14. you'll go real well here.