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Total newb from Newwy!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Choofalong, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Greetings all! I am a 29 year old, who has been extremely dedicated to his gaming!

    In other words, a lazy bugger, who not really done much with themselves, due to certain circumastances, and misplaced sense of Loyalty, but nvm about that, onto the good stuff!

    I've recently had somewhat of an epiphany, and decided it time to get out of the games, and into some LIFE! I went and got my Car L's, hoping to get a step up (read out) but, it been 12 months now, and I've only managed to scrounge up 45 **Extremely** stressful minutes in the "Family" car, plus 6 hours with instructor. At $360 for those 6 hours, and every 6 hours after that, without Guarenteed Pass, being on a pension, the costs where getting out of hand, before I even THOUGHT about getting a second hand car, with all the related worries of that, so, I'm going with the excuse that I gave them chance, it time to get me wheels!

    So, I have booked into a Pre-learners, and started the research.

    First thing I found out: It gonna take a bit longer for me to save for the Gear, as well as the machine, so it gonna take me around 6 months to be fully on the road (Bike is going to be LAST purchase) and I was just wondering if there was anything in particular I should be doing to get me prepared. I have accepted it gonna take around 6 months, because of the plan to get my gear first, and wear it in, before the purchase of bike: this will also give me time to do extra training courses, with bikes provided, if I wish, or feel I need after the upcoming Pre-learner Course.

    I've never riden, but always had a dream of riding Motorbikes (like most wishful youngsters), and, fortunatly, I seemed to of grown up enough to worry about the saftey, and building foundations then getting out there as soon as I can, which brings me to my choice of Bike.

    I know it's taking a gamble, but I've done the research, and believe it's worth taking a Punt on: The CF MOTOLeader 150. For only $2500 ride away, it's a decent amount of Bike, and being brand new, will be covered, Parts and Labour-cost wise for couple years, which will give me time to save, and do more research about my second, bigger bike, which I will obviously be wanting to upgrade to (Leader is good, but nothing super-great, just there to Learn on, and not care about hurting anything better, if/when I do the totally expected and either fall off and/or bump into something)

    I am also figuring I'll be able to hit the Bikes limits before I over-reach my own. I am around 5" 10' and wiegh about 95 Kilo (200 Pounds) so it should be enough for that!

    Anyways, I have found with most of my research, I have ended up on this site, found some great info and insights into the world of Riding, and just thought I'd pop in and say hi!

    I am also hoping putting down my plans this way will somehow keep me more accountable, and I can continue with the small progress I have made so far (i.e. actually saving some money for first time in life, and making some plans to get SOMETHING done!).

    Thanks for the info I have gained so far, and looking forward to learning much more, and many future Years of Riding, wishing good times for all!
  2. you want insight
    stop smoking pot. you are nearly 30 ffs.
    i bet you still live with your mum, spend most of your time playing xbox, and have never even seen a real vagina.
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  3. Fair call on the Pot: I actually have given up (the recent epiphany) These names were just an old Habit.

    Though, to be perefectly frank, I'd not expect someone who seems to know what "ass" tastes like (nice comment) to have any other "insights" worth reading into: You don't know me, or why I've not gotten out (for example, Elderly relatives that needed FULL time care) nor do you know anythig about my social life.

    Everyone's entitled to their opinions, sure: but same for people living their own life.

    I don't know you, nor seen your posts, but thanks for the "Welcome", n00b
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  4. Oohhh, this one will be intetesting. Subscribed.

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  5. Before the trolls decide to roll in - a genuine welcome. :) It's never to late to shake life up a bit and do something that you've always wanted to do. I hope it comes together for ya.
  6. Hey, welcome to NR.

    A 125cc chinese bike? You'll be wanting to upgrade about 10 minutes after you leave the shop. Even earlier if you have to ride up a hill. Find a used CB250, you'll still want to upgrade, but at least you'll be able to sell the thing afterwards for more than a mars bar.

    Anyway, go sit on a few bikes, see what appeals, then set your goals. Best of luck getting your life sorted out.
  7. Buy gear and wear it in for 6 months before getting a bike?
    Err, only person I know who wears his gear other than when in or on his machine is The Stig....

    Oh this is going to be a good thread.... lol
  8. how do you look after elderly relatives without a car license? Dont you need to drive them to doctor appointments every five minutes?
  9. Thanks for the Welcomes Guys and Gals!

    hehe, One of the reasons things are gonna take so long, is because I plan to be getting some fairly good stuff. After watching few hours of Bike Crashes on Youtube, it just seems that I enjoy my skin too much to do anything diff: WAY better safe then sorry.

    The reason I have gone with the Leader as it is the only 150cc that has Liquid Cooling (and Feul Injection according to some sites, not others), and, Brand New at such Cost, I am figuring that I'll either A) Kill it, before I kill myself or 8) Feel the Bite of the Bike Bug good and proper.

    With the amount of experience I have had on the road, I am wholly expecting to Sliide along ground, or even totally wipe it out, at one point, and I expect I'll be able to handle destroying the Leader then anything else, hehe

    I **was** actually just getting a Scooter for Learners, so this is actually a step up, lol

    In regards to Driving to Doctors: Taxi Drivers (usually) are super helpful, underrated LEGENDS!

    Never really been interested in Speed, because never been at controls: More then likely the person in Back seat asking to keep to speed limit, lol
  10. Hi mate, welcome to Netrider; don't worry about MT1 he's one of our resident fools, every family has its idiots :roll:

    Now, seriously, you WILL get frustrated beyone belief with a 125cc bike with your weight at 200lbs. Trust me. For the first few weeks it will feel like it's going to get away from you and run riot, and after than you'll be putting your feet down like Fred Flinstone trying to make it go faster. And it's not about top speed, it's about acceleration. The GREAT virtue of the motorcycle is that you can use your acceleration to carve out a spot for yourself away from the crazies in cars and trucks, and with a 125 will bring you INTO danger in those situations, not get you out of it.

    Random pick, here's a Honda 250 for just $2400 http://tinyurl.com/6mwqksa

    Buy a new helmet and gloves and scout around for second-hand jacket and jeans.
  11. entertaining the thought of you on a motorcycle is just ridiculous.
    you should buy a beanbag instead. because that's probably the only thing you'd be safe on.

    how does this really special "better safe than sorry" gear work ? does it deflect oncomming trucks ?

    a pile of junk is a pile of junk.
    dose'nt matter if it's brand new. how is that relevant ? it's still junk.
  12. you think i'm wrong.
    then prove me wrong.
    long road ahead of you. sharp mind that can process information rapidly. sharp body with fast reflexes.
    good luck.
  13. Thanks for all the info! I will definatly be re-looking at going for a 250 if I can get the extra cash when the time comes.

    The Speed Vs Acceleration has me interested, for sure, but that is one of the things that lead me to a Leader, rather then say, a Kymco CK125. It's Torque is a good %25 or higher on the Leader. I've read from a couple of even heavier blokes (120 - 140 Kgs) that the Leader handled their weight surprisigly well, plus with CF MOTO being the only "OEC" compliant Chinese Company in the US, I am hoping the Quality will be up to Par, at least.

    I fully realise the pro's and cons (Looking at many different resources) and one of the reasons I have gone with it, is because it seems they are coming to Australia with long-term goals, so, someone has to give them a chance here!

    Again, at the cost, I'm thinking it's worth the gamble: a lot of the misgivings I hear about them is the fact they are an "Unknown Quantity" and I am thinking of doing Blog-style entries to document my Learning experience. Going with such an Unknown Brand and... unusual configuration is a part of that, I've never really been a cookie-cutter type, always wanting to try something different from the Norm
  14. As to proving you wrong, MT1. the only way I am gonna do so is have a chat 6 - 12 months AFTEr I have getten my bike: I am not trying to prove anything here: I just want to get out and try new things.

    As to the Mind and Reflexs: Again, you don't know me in the slightest, nor how much effort I have put into my education, life learning and/or anything else, and again, I am not trying to prove anything...

    I might not know much... but I am certainly forming the opinion that you should definatly go Squidding on the biggest Bike you can, it's Ultra-1337!

    Hmm, is that too harsh? Still learning etiquette here, so forgive please, if that's considered below the belt.
  15. What Hornet said.

    Android tapatalking
  16. I not sure why I am defending here, you guys obviously know what your talking about... but I'm thinking I shoud explain fully why I have "settled" for the Leader.

    While it IS a small bike, it is not quite a 125, being a 150 (144.5cc according to site) yet it has %50 more Torque and Horses then the Equivilent SACHS Express 150. It's the only Liquid Cooled 150, giving (hopefully) more reliable Engine performance then most, if not all other Small Bikes.

    The SACHS Express 150 is (seemingly) one of the Zippiest little bikes of the size, and also been noted on quite a few Dealer sites and reviews that is surprisingly zippy for it's size. Being lighter, with the %50 extra "Power" (lol, i know... I know...) I am thinking the Leader will serve my purposes quite well: Again, I am planning to be Upgrading rather fast: Leader just to get ON the road, as soon as I possibly can with all the peace of mind of a New Bike.

    That said: I AM on the lookout at local (and some nto so local) Dealerships for a good deal on something larger, second hand with Dealer warrenty, type thing.

    I very, VERY much appreciate the advice, but I am getting the feeling the poor Leader is getting dismissed off-hand, because the first number is a 1** and it's a Chinese Company.

    I believe the 1** issue has been addressed (%50 more then the closest equivalent, and Lighter, too) and I believe the CF MOTO company is one of the Rare Gems that actually give a crap about their image as a Company: They've put in the effort and finances to get independent Approval (OEC) for their Bikes to be traded by **Lisenced** Dealerships only (in the US). When the Original Dealerships in Australia shut down to due circumstances outside the Companies Influence, a second plan was already in pace, and things were changed over rather smoothly (even dealing nicely with a few poor Constuction issues for some customers at Company Expence, when they were no longer Liable.

    ALl in all: I had originally wanted to go something higher in the CC department (OMG, I so want some Corn Chips right now :p) the more and more I read up on the Leader, the more and more I was impressed! From the looks, they here for the long-term, and I am hoping to get on the Bandwagon a little earlier then most: again, it's a risk, but a calculated Gamble, and I think I have put in enough research to at least have a goal.

    Final thought: It's gonna be April, next year before I am going into look in shops proper: more research and review looking shall be done, and I more then likely may change my mind when I am actually in the Store, and get a chance to get my Bum on some Bikes :D
  17. ...... in the mean time, do your research and don't be put off by armchair experts who are more interested in starting an argument than making you welcome on Netrider, and on the roads (y).
  18. That's the best thing to do. Comparing bike stats and reviews only goes so far, ultimately the best thing is to take as many bikes as you can for a test ride and see what feels best for you. If that's a Chinese bike, then cool. But don't discount the advice you have had from people on here that have been riding for a long time.

    As for your gear, as has been said to you, the best sh!t wont help if a bus runs over you. Best defense is often a good offense. Always get a new helmet, but a second hand jacket, or a textile one will do the job when you start off. A pair of kevlar jeans, and a decent pair of boots. I'd budget around $750

    And for God's sake, get off the damn attitude that it is inevitable you will drop it. You might, but you might not too... but talk yourself into it and you definitely will.
  19. Very good advice from Fybre, visualise dropping the bike and surely you will.
    Ride within your limits and there's no reason why you should ever drop it.

    Also very good advice from Hornet. A CB250 will be super reliable and I would guess spare parts would be a lot easier to get than for a Chinese POS which you probably can't even get spares for.
  20. Before I got my bike I was going to get a Hyosung Comet. Looked good, and cheap.

    Phew, what a lucky escape.