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Total MC Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Alan, May 14, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    Im a total newbie to motorcycles and am just wanting to know a few things.
    1) For a road book, is there anything from stopping people from walking away with your bike?
    2) What is the service life of the oil, filter etc?
    3) On your opinion. What is the best brand of oil? (Castrol, Shell, Motul etc.)
    That's all I can think about at the moment

  2. 1. Bikes have keylocks, similiar to steering locks on the car. It pull the steering to one side so all they can do is walk it in circles. You can also buy disk locks that are similiar to big padlocks that fit between your brake discs to stop them pushing it anywhere.

    2. Oil is 6,000km, filter is usually 12,000km

    3. Very debatable and opinion driven. For most applications, your bike won't notice any difference between brands.
  3. 2. Varies a lot b/w bikes, doesn't it? I know mine gets an oil change every 3,000km, but with mineral-based oil, not synthetic.
  4. Its all mineral oil based, then its modified to keep consistancy.
  5. As jason had said, you have the steering lock, but I supplement mine with a disc lock. I was in the city a few weeks ago and i parked my bike outside the restaurant. That day I had forgot to bring my disc lock. So when I had came back outside, I found my bike pushed around an long arc; the front wheel hit against the wall, my sidestand had scrapped along the pavement.

    Not happy. Next time I might consider leaving my bike there and hiding behind a corner with a bat. But anyways, anything that could happen, will happen, so buy that disc lock and bring it wherever you go.

    I get my bike serviced every 5,000kms.

    Not entirely sure, but I just aim for the synthetics.
  6. 1. Planty of ways... any thing form a standard steeling lock to an alarm...
    2. Service life for motorbike oil is 5000km - 6000km (depends on the brand and bike). All semy synth and full synth are uselles after their service life.
    3. Mobil 1 full synth (independently tested lasted 5900km) Motul 5100 semy synth (independently tested lasted 5300km)
  7. So you reckon someone moved your bike with the sidestand down until it had its front wheel hard up against a wall!? Odd to say the least.

    Do you park it in gear? I now religously lock the steering, pop it into first, and put the disc lock on. Its worked for me so far.
  8. bingo.... deters the moron who will try and push it around, and slam your disk lock into your calipers.
  9. Yes very odd. Where I had parked was on a flat sidewalk, no way it could have rolled to where it was. I was on Corrs Lane off Bourke St. David and Camy Noodles make fantastic dumplings, drop by there sometime.

    No I don't usually park it in gear, I'll keep that in mind next time. But I think someone might have gotten on, and pushed it forward.
  10. Disc locks are gr8 unless you forget to remove them so have a back up reminder in place such us an ignition insert or a lead to fit on your handlebars or use the steering lock as well then when you go to straighten your front wheel it will remind you of both locks.

    My mechanic (Mike @ OCD Racing uses elf racing oil) so that's what Bond now gets!
  11. Hahaha. Pictures of me.. :roll:

    Twice I dopped the bike taking off from a standstill before I went to Kmart and bought a cheap dog leash to hook around the disc lock and dangle over the handle bars.

    You'd have thought once would've been enough.. :D
  12. You could always use a cable tie.

    Loop it through itself and cut off the excess leaving around 3-5mm of tail. Loop a rubber band around the eye of it and hang it around your disklock.

    When you fit the disklock insert the cable tie into your ignition barrel. Next time you go to put your key in it will remind you.

    Or, use a velcro dot to cover the barrel and then place the dot on the lock itself before inserting key.
  13. crap, my steering lock is broken and both my brakes r drum, what would u recommend for safety??????
  14. A concrete barrier or a a hole through the seat so you can use a 4 foot Bolt that screws into a dynabolt :LOL: :)

    Or, you could attampt to find a padlock that you can slip over your front brake or clutch so that they cannot be operated.
  15. You can also just chuck a D lock (like those used on mountain bikes) through your wheel. Acts just like a disc lock, even better if you can lock it around a pole or something too.
  16. I think disclock would be better. A D lock someone could come along with either a really good bolt cutter or a portable circular power saw. Having a disclock makes it very hard to use one or the other, as long as the disclock housing is just a thick chunk of metal, attached very closely to the braking disc.

    On the other hand nothing stops three people picking up a bike and throwing it into a van.

    I actually want to find a disclock that has an motion sensitive alarm. But the units I find are way overpriced for such a simple circuit.
  17. how much for one of the disc lock things with a motion sensor alarm?? might just hang it on a spoke to make it look technical:LOL:
  18. I'm not quite sure, but I wouldn't think its anything more complicated than a disclock with a flashing LED.
  19. Got one. It's great. Not much dearer than a normal 'meaty' disc lock either. No chance of me riding away with it still on, as it send out a 100+db siren the minute I lift the bike upstraight. Got mine new off eBay approx $125 delivered. https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/jump.php?go=583
  20. i had to do this with the sr250 which had front and rear drums (which is really scary when you are trying to stop :shock: )

    the d lock was only small, but if fit through the holes in the rear sprocket. the only problem was the theft attempt which chewed my chain gaurd!!