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Total Boot

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Josh G, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, thought I'd introduce myself proper on the forum before I go around making any new posts. I've had an interest in riding for a few years now after spending a few days riding dirt bikes on a property but never looked into it since then. Just on the spur of the moment recently I saw a used Postie bike for sale, and grabbed it on a whim figuring it would do me fine throughout the LAMS process and will save me a bit of money on petrol too between work and back.

    Haven't taken it for a ride yet, only got my L's yesterday and it's been raining on and off so thought it might be best to wait for a dry road before I go for a spin but looking forward to it and nervous at the same time. Been playing around with it a bit though which was nice, needed a few odds and ends and it looks as though now I need to spend some time on the rear brake as it's sticking - probably because it hasn't been ridden much in the last few years.

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone and I hope that one day I'll have a bike that can keep up with yours ;)

  2. hey, welcome Josh, you aren't the first to start on the humble postie, and I'm betting you won't be the last
  3. Hi Josh,

    great bike for a learner. Now to think about the postie challange, combining dirtbiking and postie biking.
    Regional NSW... where abouts? I am down near Wagga and there is a fair crew of Advriders down around here.
  4. Thanks hornet, it will get the job done thats for sure.

    dobbo, I was thinking that it might be worth putting some knobby tyres on the postie and doing some trial riding. I'm actually in Orange, so a few hours drive (or ride!) from Wagga.
  5. Howdy and welcome mate, there's nothing wrong with a postie, I used one for years as a hack around my neighbourhood (dirt tracks no cars). Had a litre bike at the same time (for the mainland riding) and I can honestly say that the postie was just as much fun to ride (just much lower speeds involved).

    I changed to dirt tyres and swapped the front sprocket to give me more grunt (relative) when going up near vertical dirt slopes.
  6. Orange isn't a big town, and my commute to work is about 2.5km at the moment so it will do me for that and around town. Hopefully soon I'll grab a job out at the mine, little Postie bike might save me a fortune in petrol!
  7. And it's not like you ever get a chance to go any faster than a postie on the road to Cadia anyway. Usually always at least one slow moving heavy vehicle backing up traffic behind them. ;)

    Oh and welcome to NR :).
  8. Thanks! Although it looks like I've been a bit premature.. took the postie for a ride today, was having a grand old time until suddenly.. catastrophic failure :(

    Had taken a corner, was just accelerating and swapped from second to third, seemed to hit almost like..neutral, all rev no go, so I pulled over a bit and changed down into second again, bike started to take off, then the rear wheel just locked up completely.

    Dragged the bike off the road as to not get hit by some on coming car, yep.. even in neutral the rear wheel is locked up tighter than a nuns clacker. I get off the bike to have a look and can see/smell smoke around the rear axle (unsure if it came from the engine, or gearbox, or what) but she's fcuked good and proper.


    There she is parked on the side of the road, looking pretty but not working. I'll have to take her to a mechanic, but I'm rather concerned the repair cost will be more than the bike is worth if its related to the gearbox or engine.

    I think she's earned herself a new nickname.. The Titanic :(
  9. There's nothing catastrophic on a postie, those things are like the terminator. It should be a cheap fix whatever it is.
    If not get another one cheap and use this one for spares.
  10. If you're lucky it might just be a seized rear wheel bearing.
  11. I agree with JD, whilst you're getting it checked over get the mechanic to spend 30 mins checking the centrifugal clutch, chain, sprockets and the cables (they wear away behind the frame shroud. The first you'll know about it is when the lights go off when you're turing a corner (usually at night at speed).
  12. Rear wheel locked or clutch or engine seized?
    Slacken or take off the chain and try and spin the wheel.
    If it's clutch then it should be a breeze to change. I did one on my old ATC 90 Trike as a kid which was basically the same set up.
  13. Looks like you may have hit the nail on the head - I called the motorcycle repair store here who pretty much had zero interest and said no matter what was wrong with it, it would cost more to repair than it was worth. I got the distinct vibe it was "below their standards".

    Had a friend who knows a bit about bikes come and have a look today - I haven't touched it since I unloaded it due to sheer frustration - rear wheel spins, bike starts and runs and goes through gears just fine - had a look at the rear brake and by the looks of it it did lock up bigtime and thats probably what's caused the smoke etc - he rode it around the yard a dozen times with no issues changing gears etc so that's nice.

    Will take it over to his place tomorrow to get him to help me take the rear brake apart and see what I need to buy to get it fixed! Yay.
  14. Now you are bringing back memories of some great times. I used to ride the old Trike with a similar engine through swamps out near the dunes I rode on. Was even more fun dragging someone through them as they held on to the back (with goggles on of course). Old drum brake didn't like mud in it much.

    Rear end stuff like the brake or bearing you can probably do yourself and save a heap of cash.
  15. Sweet, we need more postie fans. welcome aboard

    I have now counted 5 postie bikes on the farm ,most are for sale.I ride one all over the farm and too neighboring farms.no cops no helmet or shirt ,notgaott , It`s a lot of fun to have a huge choice of weapons .just built a motorized bicycle to go with my fleet.