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VIC Total Ban on mobile phones whilst driving?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jul 29, 2005.

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  2. Mouth, we need to define total ban....

    If it has an in-car kit or a headset, is that deemed as OK? Many of us use our Cages for work purposes and spend hours on the phone.... With in-car kit ofcourse.

    So, as long as it does not ban them completely, then I am OK with a vote of yes.. But, we need to be careful as this will impact:
  3. Ban mobile phones while driving;
    68% Yes
    31% No (my maths says 1% is missing)
    515 votes at 10:18am
  4. Total (def):
    n. A whole quantity; an entirety
    v. Complete; utter; absolute

    Studies show it makes little difference whether you are holding it or not. Road concentration is still lost.
  5. Then I vote NO. Sorry guys........

    So, now I expect the following:
    All CD's off
    ALL DVD's off
    2-way radio's off - Police, fire, ambulance also
    bike couriers to turn off radio's
    No talking/chatting in cars
    No MP3 for motorcyclists

    Come on, be real people.....
  6. only touching on the tip of the problem, i say ban all CAGES :D

    but anyways.... i see what your saying skuff, but i'd have to disagree that any of these are as bad as mobile phones. while they do still all mean a reduction in concentration, its not at the same level that a phone call can be.

    mobile phones are used for all sorts of communications, i mean its not likely that you'll have a heated argument over a CB radio or be told something totally earth shattering that'll make you lose it for a few seconds. and while not everyone has this happen on a mobile, it is pretty common to immerse yourself in conversation in a way thats not likely to happen with something like a CB radio.

    but i guess, like just about all of the medias pipe dreams, its a completely impossible idea. impossible to police, theres nothing more to be said really. i personally dont think its a BAD idea to not have ppls talking on the phone while driving, but yeah, the real world has its own opinion and we cant really argue with it :LOL:
  7. Hey Coconuts,

    Fair point.

    What I find interesting is that I have had a mobile phone since 1988 and have never had any issues with driving and communicating. Hell, I even see police bloody using them :LOL: :LOL:

    My main concern is the need for many businesses to maintain communications with field personnel. Time is money is the moto and many businesses including the trucking industry would be out of businesses if this went ahead. You mention concerntration levels.... You then MUST ban CD's and music in the car as changing station and singing to the music consumes vast levels of concentration.

    I remember some years ago they tried banning people smoking in their OWN cars and that was very quickly abolished.... I even remember when they were considering making it manditory for car drivers to wear bloody helmets.... True......
  8. Sorry Scuff, had too many fcuk-heads on mobiles almost get me through a total lack of focus to agree with you. I'd love to see phones limited to hands free only and even that could be canned.

    Business, which generally takes up a hell of a lot of concentration, should not be conducted while you are operating a large heavy vehicle no matter what justification you try to use - full stop. Trying to argue that conducting business etc is more important than paying attention is not very sensible.

    I don't have a problem with music except it prevents you hearing what is around you and I'm of the strong belief that you would have to be a bling-bling uber-wanker to have a DVD player in the car in the first place, so sure, ban those straight out.
  9. But they are exempt from those laws while on duty, would be the same using the two way radio while in Hot Pursuit

    My record for a legal phone conversation (car kit) is it started at Warrigal Rd on the freeway and continued until I got to Orbost :shock: Was trying to sort out a network fault with a guy who had a tech on site at the other end of the state and the three of us on a conference call. Even stopped for fuel & a snack at the old (now closed) Mobil servo in Rosedale and left the call going in the car while the car and myself filled up :p Had to stop a couple of times to get paperwork out of the back of the wagon but never came close to any problems controlling the car.

    Certainly glad I wasn't paying for that call which ran for around 3 hours :wink:

    I believe TV/DVD screens are illegal if the driver can see them while the car is moving. That would be why the screen in the dash of X5's & Audi's turn off as soon as it starts moving.
  10. The trouble is, research (e.g. http://www.driveandstayalive.com/articles and topics/crash causation/cell-phone-dangers.htm ) shows that both hand held and hands free phone use reperesents a significant hazard while driving.

    The law prohibits the use of hand-helds but not hands-free because the 'perception' of the lawmakers was that it was the holding of the phone that created the danger, when in fact it was the diversion of concentration.

    IMHO CD, radio and even two-way radio don't have the same effect. It's probably because of a cultural thing about talking on the phone. We tend to give the vast bulk of our attention to the person on the other end. Witness the way some people can tune out while using a phone sitting in a cafe. two-way radios are different because we know that the person on the other end expects us to use minimal words and to stop listening from time to time, but we think it discourteous to ignore someone on the other end of a phone conversation.

    Have a look at the behaviour of a small group of people at say, a restaurant when someone answers the phone. Everyone else usually goes quiet so as not to distract the caller. They may be upset because the phone user has imposed this on them.

    Hands free phone use is yet another example of where just because it's legal, doesn't mean its safe.
  11. See, this is where I have a problem all.

    By stating that we get immerced in conversation, although a valid point, then implies that we are incapable of doing multiple tasks. Not trying to be smart, but lets break this down to the true elements that it represents.

    We drive a car, on our minds are things like:
    damn traffic
    damn motorcyclist
    did I turn the oven off
    is my partner sheating
    why is my winky so small
    what is this rash
    ooooo the guy/girl in that car is hot
    am I going to be fired
    road rage
    price of fuel
    price of getting car serviced
    oooooo, nice 999
    Damn it, it's raining
    this weekend is going to be great
    Crap, I spilt coffee on myself
    Oooops, forgot to put my make-up on
    Left my glasses at home
    I am going to be late
    Ooooo, parking spot

    I think you get the picture. Now, tell me again why we can do two things like drive and talk.
  12. WE are multi-tasking heros, but whether we like it or not using a mobile phone does reduce the driver's concentration. So, where's the problem with taking away one more distraction a driver does not need? I can see where you are coming from Skuff but they aren't valid reasons to keep allowing people to blather on while driving.
  13. I hate mobile phones, but I totally agree with this.

    7 seater manual car full of people with the radio on. Perfectly OK.

    Auto car, alone, using phone. Illegal

    Thats just stupid.

    texting and driving should be banned however
  14. Sir skuffy, you're thinking like a politician.

    Yes, it it can be quite safe to do something else while driving, provided it doesn't create a significant distraction.

    Most of the things you listed would be OK. (I'd like to see "driving while angry" an offence, but I don't know how you could enforce it.)

    Talking to someone else in the car is quite different to talking to someone on the phone. The other person in the car is sharing the driving environment. Such communication takes less effort.

    Consider a group pf people sitting around a table having a conversation. Most people can carry on a conversation with one or more of the others while being aware of what else is happening. But put them on a phone, and it's like they're not in the same room.

    Using a mobile phone, hands free or hand-held *is* a significant distraction and *does* impair driving.

    From the research:
    "The result was that the drivers’ reaction times were thirty percent worse when they were talking on cell phones than when they were borderline intoxicated. Compared to normal driving conditions, drivers talking on the hand-held phone were fifty percent impaired. Two of the most visible problems that resulted from this impairment were an inability to maintain a constant speed and an inability to remain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead."

    " Drivers in the study later admitted that they had actually found it easier to drive while intoxicated (just over the legal limit) than when using a cell phone, whether it was hand-held or hands-free. Drivers using cell phones also missed many more road signs than did the drunk drivers. It should go without saying that hand-held cell phones proved to be even more distracting than hands-free units. Drivers using hand-held cell phones took about half a second longer to react than a driver under normal circumstances, and this was also longer than those who were mildly drunk. In real-life terms, this means for example that at 70 mph a driver on a cell phone would travel an extra 46 feet before even reacting to a danger on the road."
  15. Hey Deyago.

    Yes, they are very valid reasons. If a person, with an in-car kit cannot drive and talk, then they should not have a license. Chatting with a passenger about what you did on the weekend or the marital problems you are having are just a concentration sapping as a conversation on a mobile phone that is in a car-kit....

    Everyone.... think about the times you were in a car day-dreaming.... It happens all the time.... hell, we day dream on the bloody bikes......
  16. Hey Moike, thanks for the compliment.... :D

    OK, how do they measure 30% more likely??? Please this is another one of my pet hates..... Bloody UNI lab rats who know nothing of the world do these theoretical models in labs and then draw conclusions in the real world.... Trust me, I was one of those lab rats.....

    They say that at 120km/h in a car you take about 200m to stop a car.... Hell, I can bloody stop a Nissan Patrol in 150m at 120km/h... I HAVE.. :)

    You are making certain assumptions that flaws your theory.
    1. Every phone call is an indepth conversation
    2. Your model of two people in a car chatting is not in depth.

    Put two people at a coffee table and having a serious and indepth conversation and they will not notice the waiter standing next to them trying to take their order.... So, apply the same scenario to the two people in a car having an indepth discussion......

    Chatting on the phone is still a one on one encounter..... Not all calls are indelth and as such you notice things, just like those people chatting at coffee night......

    Moike, tell me, do you ever day dream when driving....???
  17. i have to raise the point again, ITS IMPOSSIBLE :LOL:

    you can be for or against as much as you like, it aint gunna happen :wink: yet another media brainchild thats doomed to fail and do nothing but create arguments on forums :shock: :LOL:
  18. Then according to the research, no-one should have a licence...
    No it isn't.
    So you recommend daydreaming as a safe activity while driving/riding?
  19. Hey Coco,

    See, I enjoy these conversations.... Moike is a pretty cluey guy and he is fun to "argue" with......
  20. its cool skuff, i just thought i'd better point it out again just so i can finish with an "i told you so" at the 10th page or so :LOL:

    everyone is welcome to argue about it, its amusing. i'm in a logical mood today tho :wink: