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Total and utter embarrassment

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Whipster, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. So, on this icy cold Perth morning, I had just dropped the gf at work and was riding along a major road (three lanes one way, three lanes the other), with moderate morning traffic (prior to rush hour). I was in the centre of the three southbound lanes. There was one of those ridiculous Mercedes vans ahead of me on my right, and a slow moving truck ahead of me to my left, and directly ahead of me, slightly ahead of the truck and the van, was a huge 4WD. So, aside from the fact that I was in the blind spot of the truck and van, I could see that the traffic was moving in such a way that these three vehicles were all going to end up side by side, and myself and everyone behind me were going to end up stuck behind a moving wall.

    So I thought, 'bugger it, this is crap, time to get out of here and at the same time I may as well show the cagers why a bike is better'. So I dropped the little ZZR down a gear, floored it, and the searing acceleration of the little 250 took me between the truck and the van, quick indication and head check to the left, through the closing gap between the truck and the 4WD, and I ended up nice and safe, in the clear, ahead of everyone. Perfectly executed manouver, didn't upset anybody, and I am sure I looked like quite the cool bloke...

    ... for about three seconds, after which I ran out of fuel. F$%k. Bike starts to slow, it is so cold I cannot manipulate my fuel tap with my gloved fingers, there's no saving this one. Quick look to the left - no side street in which I can hide my shame. Quick look to the right - the median separating north/southbound lanes has one of those high right-angled kurbs, so can't mount that and pretend to take a phone call or something.

    Sigh. Indicate, pull in to the rightmost gutter of the right-hand lane, and stand there fiddling with the fuel tap while my indicator flashed. I was promptly passed by the truck, 4WD, van, and all the other witnesses to my coolness who are now laughing at the stranded motorcyclist. Was then passed by another multiple hundred vehicles, all rubbernecking too. Got the ba$tard started, dropped my visor to hide my red face, and went to work.

    Had a good laugh at myself on the way into my office though :LOL:

    EDIT: And yes, I did go to the servo straight away :LOL:

  2. :LOL: :LOL:
    Ignore the trip meter/odometer at your peril.

    When I had my KLE, I could never operate the fuel tap with a gloved hand. Some interesting times when I need to switch to reserve.
  3. These sort of moments is way I like tinted visors.