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Toseland out. Spies in at Tech3.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MalTravieso, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Can't wait to see him race Vale!
  2. Wow, MCN, that's GOTTA be reliable. If you added up all the "coulds" and "maybes" in that article, you could fill a dictionary.
  3. even if it happens, he will take a while to get to rossi's level
  4. Yep, like every other pretender to the throne, Rossi will slap him down.
  5. Mate, are we reading the same article?
    I'm so pissed I've got to close one eye to see but it reads pretty definite to me.

    Oh yeah. I count 1 could. And no maybes. (But 1 unrelated probably) :grin:
  6. The article is dated 17th September. Today is the 19th. No O/S web sites are reporting anything other than Spies MAY be thinking about jumping to MotoGp in 2010.

    MCN is the National Enquirer of the motorcycling world. About as reliable as a 200000km two stroke.
  7. Good move. He's not allowed to go straight to a factory bike for some silly reason, so he'll have a year to get his head around the new competition, riding a shit bike that nobody has been able to do anything with. His team-mate is an awesome dude but a perennial failure even on top notch equipment - so he's going to look good whatever he does, and basically have a year to learn the tracks and his opponents with very little pressure.

    Spies will flog Edwards all over the place next year, he's a phenomenon. Look at how quickly he dominated a bloody competitive field in WSBK with no prior experience of any of the tracks. And when he gets himself onto a first rate bike, I reckon he'll squeeze Rossi hard. Look for that in 2011.
  8. Loz, those second string bikes aren't that bad. I'd love to see him on one next year.
  9. Well, they're better than my bike. But in this 800cc era, the bikes that get the big bucks spent on them are the ones that win. Look at Rossi and Lorenzo walking away from the field this season, it's not because they're the best riders.

    Yamaha chucked ridiculous sums of money at the M1 when Rossi threatened to leave after 07's bike was uncompetitive against the more powerful Duke. For 08, Randy Mamola was telling me Rossi's crankcases went up to ten times the price. That sort of no-expense-spared attitude doesn't flow through to satellite motors.
  10. Spies will be given a 2009 bike, probably Rossi's spare. Rossi will get to keep one, if he wins the title. They all put that in their contract, these days.
  11. Still yet to be confirmed by Superbikeplanet.com therefore it's still a desperate hysterical MCN headline...

    But on a serious note, I soo hope he gets a Yamaha to ride in MotoGP.
  12. he will, mate, just a question of when.
  13. Spoke to Ben yesterday, looks like he will be on the bike for Valencia this year. Top secret though, so keep it to yourself.;)
  14. Which is exactly why its best to publish these little tidbits of information on a public forum. Unless its not all that top secret.
  15. Well it's finally official, Edwards and Spies at Tech 3 for 2010.
  16. And I wonder what Edwards excuses next year will be.
  17. Bring on Team Texas :)
  18. Our American friends will become unbearable. Celebrating a 1 time WC who has won a total of 3 races, an 8 yr veteran of Motogp who has won none and a new kid who may, or may not, be awesome.

    I suspect that Spies will surpass both CE and NH, both of whom haven't really set the World on fire. One WC from NH and nothing really before or since. A solid top 5, but you can't imagine a win. And CE shoots his very big mouth off whenever he can, but always fails to deliver (to his promises - top 5 is very good in this level). Spies looks to be different and in a press release the other day said 'I might be a WSBK rider', implying that there was no shame in being extremely good at one and not fantastic at the other.

    Now, JT to Yamaha WSBK?
  19. Everyone saw this one coming, really.

    Anyway, expectations will be high for this guy for sure.

    When I was living in Canada a few years back, I recall talking to Steve Crevier (Canadian superbike champ) before Spies was getting all the international hype. Crevier really wasn't impressed by the talent level of the US superbike racers, but then his eyes rolls up and says, "Nah, wait -- except Ben Spies... That kid is damn fast."