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Torque Wrench

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by rubenastley, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys i recently bought a kincrome click 1/4 drive torque wrench.

    Today my mate without knowing better changed the torque setting to below the 2nm minimum range. A fair bit aswell, but i quickly twisted it back up 20 seconds later. I read that the spring gets buggered..
    I also bloody dropped it from one meter onto carpet.. sighface!

    I checked it agaisnt another click torque wrench it seemed fine, but i still don't have much confidence in it lol ..

    thoughts on the sturdiness on these tools?
  2. I've dropped both of mine (Sidchrome click/twist and pin types) onto hard concrete at least a few times over the years, both still measure up just fine against others. I'd be more concerned if you had dropped a cheap Chinese one.
  3. Ive just recently spent some big money on a pair of warren and brown deflecting beam torque wrenches.
    THEY ought to last a while :D. But that said, a blow to the wrong spot on them could also throw the beam out of alignment and render it useless.
  4. Hey mate, I've got a kincrome as well, and the instructions that came with mine actually recommended storing it with no tension on the spring. It said that storing it with the spring at tension will cause it to lose calibration over time. I'll see if I can find the little leaflet and confirm it for you.
  5. What vtr says is correct :).
  6. The instructions that came with my 3/8 Kinchrome are pretty unclear in this regard. The lowest setting is 5 foot pounds.
    • On one page the pamphlet instructs to store the wrench on the lowest setting, and not to turn the handle bellow the lowest setting.
    • On another page it warns not to turn the handle more than one full turn below the lowest setting.
    • There is a white label on the shaft of the wrench itself that has, in bold, the text "Always adjust wrench to 0 after use", which would be one full turn of the handle bellow the lowest setting.
    Useful, eh?
  7. Beautiful things... Calibrate them every now and then ($70)
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  8. I've found you need at least 2 torque wrenches on most bikes and I nearly forked out for a new one the other day but I found a little (size of a kids clenched fist) 1/2 inch drive electronic torque adaptor, as well as adjusting between ft/lbs and newton etc. you can set the torque value and a red led lights up at that setting. bloody handy and takes up less space.
  9. money well spent, love mine
  10. Just don't use them as a breaker bar and undo tight bolts.... this buggers them.

    I store mine with just the slightest bit of tension on the spring.
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