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Torque wrench

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Messy, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.
    Keep forgetting to buy a new torque wrench and finally went to do it, then remembered a few posts on here im buggered if i can find.

    Any tips on torque wrenches?
    What i mean is; im sure i read about how different ones have different internal mechanisms and one is way better than the other, about how one should always be returned to 0 for storage and others are fine etc etc...

    Anyone able to help me out on that, plus pointers on brand/model?
    Im investing quite a bit of money in tools lately so im looking to get a good one of these too :D.

  2. Damn it, the similar threads function below is way way better than the search function!
    *reads all the similar ones...*
  3. There, based on the information in the lovely results as seen in the similar threads below, ive purchased:

    Warren & Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench 1/4'' & (1-22Nm) . #320510
    Warren & Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench 1/2'' (10-180Nm). #322500

  4. Stahlwille 730N/10 (20-100NM)..... similar to the Warren brown, it's deflecting type but has a really nice adjusting mechanism...
  5. I've always liked the Warren & Brown jobs with the clicker. Robust and easy to use.
  6. How much were they. I need a 1/4" for lower torques
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  7. @ Mr Messy

    Good find.
  8. Interesting, might have to pop in there on monday and have a look myself just out of curiosity.
    Think i prefer a mechanical control in my mind, but digital might be just fine!
  9. just a little tip that may or may not be obvious. Don't use your torque wrench to undo anything. Messes with the calibration.

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  10. Aware of that one bb, but good tip for anyone who isnt! Cheers.
  11. Good point. For those very rare instances where you need a torque wrench that works both ways, the snap on 3/8 drive one works a treat. However the price is now obsenely expensive. I was lucky to pick one up 20 years ago when they were only ridicuously expensive.
  12. Oooh pretty and shiny.
    They arrived yesterday and i had chance to open them today.
    Nice looking bit of kit, very simple to use and yeah i see the very simple idea that takes springs right out of it. Effective and clever.

    P.s. When i need something that works the other way, ill use my nice sidchrome ratchet and if i need it a breaker bar.
  13. my stahlwille one is a deflecting beam (like warren brown) but has a removeable ratchet head so you can put it on the other way round to go backwards if need be.