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Torque Wrench

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by OzzyDevil, May 20, 2012.

  1. How important is it to use one of these doing up your axle nut on your motorbike ?? My chain was to tight so i loosened the nut and the adjusting nuts and done it that way.. But i had no Torque Wrench to do it back up...

  2. How important is your wheel being on your bike. Only kidding for peace of mine it's alway better to have a torque wrench. Not to over tighten and damage your nut and bolts but tight enough so everything is secure.
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    I know what your saying I did do the nut up tight but.. But I'll do it torque it today..
  4. Torque wrenches are for cylinder head nuts/bolts only.

    Axel nuts just need to be done up with a bit more grunt than most.
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    Yeah I used the spanner and a hammer to tighten it up..
  6. Hammer is getting a bit carried away. Maybe you do need a torque wrench.
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    yeah I think hammer is a bit much. I use a 1/2" drive T-bar and tighten it as much as I can. The Across has a spanner with an extension (doubles the length of the spanner) which you can tighten the rear wheel up with...if you can't tighten it anymore with that tool, it is done tight enough. Maybe your bike tool kit might have the same thing?
  8. I bought a torque wrench last week specifically for this very job. Turns out I had previously been over tightening the axle quite significantly. I'm dreading next weeks service for fear that I've managed to do some damage and will be asked 'which muppet buggered your axle for you?'
  9. I got a torque wrench for the same job too. My bike only needs 65lb-ft which is actually quite easy to tighten to without needing anything special. Without it I guarantee that I would have overdone it, maybe not to the point of using a hammer though.
  10. I just use a ratchet to snug it down, then a 15" breaker bar to tighten. Not too tight, but more importantly, not too loose.
  11. That's a fair effort to overtighten an axle nut - were you jumping on the end of the spanner??

    It's always handy to have a torque wrench to tighten up all sorts of stuff on your bike if you are scared of stripping threads / fearing that you have not tightened a nut up enough.

  12. This thread is all torque and no action!
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  13. Torque wrench is important for a lot of jobs, always check the specs. Good purchase!
  14. Not true.
    Every bolt has a specific torque depending on diameter,thread pitch and the material it's made of.
    Axle bolts/nuts can vary greatly between bikes and front & rear axles.
    Eg. VTR 250 - F, 43ft/lbs
    R, 69ft/lbs
    Z1000 - F, 80ft/lbs
    R, 72ft/lbs
    I wouldn't be without one. (y)
  15. Er... Um... No?:-w
  16. Umm, I do realise this. Just saying anyone that spins a spanner regularly will only use a torque wrench in very specific locations.
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    Yeah I'm fixing it Sunday so all will be good there.. I'm buying one to there about 50 bucks on eBay :)

    And no I didn't jump on it lol but I did it up tight and I didn't bash the shit out of it :)
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    I have a Kincrome Micrometer Torque Wrench 3/8" Square Drive for sale at the moment - brand new and $50 if you want it.
    I have a digital one so I don't need it.


    PM me if you are interested.

  19. Yup totally agree, any internal bolt/nut always.

    And any others that "nipped" or FT isn't good enough for external bolts etc.

    I defy anyone to tell the difference between 750ft/lbs and 1000ft/lbs,
    Both need a FB torque spanner 4mtrs of waterpipe and 3 people to obtain the setting ( if a torque multiplier is not available )
    one person to hold the socket on, and two to bust a poofer valve whilst using whatever purchase available so you can use your legs to help pull/push.

    But to confirm what Iblast was referring to, after 20 or so years, you do develop a 'feel' for just how tight things need to be.
    I have a 4 torque wrenches in my service truck, they are there mainly for engine / Hydraulic pump rebuilds & ROPS frames etc. General stuff [ including doing all my own service and repair work on my bike/s ] They just dont get used. :angel:
  20. Nice... Where the hell were you last week huh? ](*,)