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Torque Sport?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sweeris, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Anyone here into Torque sport? or what ever its called. I have recently found a Yamaha MT-01. I really liked it for some reason. I used to like sports/supersports bikes.

    Anyone here know any Torque Sports bikes?

  2. The MT-01 is a pretty unique bike, the only thing similar is Buell and they're a lot smaller engines with less torque and more RPMs.
    If you like an MT-01 now is the time as they have come down in price a lot.
  3. Yep Love the MT01
    I'd have one no worries even with there pathetic small fuel tank
  4. "Torque sports" is nothing but a wanky marketing term. I believe they also called that bike the "soul beat" bike. Tossers. They need a good punching.

    Other naked bikes with lots of torque would include the Benelli TnT, the forthcoming Suzuki B-King, Aprilia's Tuono, the Triumph Speed Triple and Ducati's monster.
  5. The BMW R1200R should be in that list too, my little R1150R could pull out tree stumps...
  6. Yes I must admit inci I have a good half-mongrel for the R1200R as well as the K1200R, strangely enough.
  7. Really?? Hasn't that been 'forthcoming' for years now??
  8. OK, sorry, the FIFTHcoming Suzuki B-King :LOL:
  9. I'd add any of the big twins into that category. TRX850, Ducati 900SS, Buell, MT-01. They're all very torque focussed rather than outright power.

    Dunno that the VTR1000, TL1000 and SV1000 quite make it in there - I think calling it "torque" ends at 10000rpm.....
  10. These bikes are the most efficent way of converting fuel into noise, without the hassel of power.
  11. Surprised nobody mentioned the former torque king, the Yamaha Vmax
  12. hasn't that saying been attributed to harleys? (i'd hardly put the word "sport" in the same sentence as H-D) :)

  13. It's a different power. If you tried the same levels of lean over and wind the power on on an R1 as these bikes you'd come off on your ass.

    Dont think that any bike in the 11's and doing well over 200kph is slow and powerless....
  14. If you like sports bikes, don't buy it expecting the same sort of ride...

    It's really a cool looking, cruising/posing bike, with enough real world sporting performance.

    It's a cruiser for those who don't want to give up corners.

    It's more comparable to bikes like the big four-cylinder nakeds, GSX1400, ZRX1200, XJR1300 etc.. Not matching them in power, but similar in purpose.
  15. I'd add K1200R. Its power/torque delivery is close to being ridiculous.
  16. There's also the Yamaha BT110 Bulldog - though it was never sold here. And of course there's the MT-03 which is the only other bike to officially carry the "torque sport" label - though again it's not sold here (we miss out on all the fun bikes :().
  17. Oh, two more deserving a mention:

    Munch Mammoth


    Boss Hoss :D (although thats really a "power cruiser" like the vmax)
  18. There seem to be lots more bikes (than I expected) that has heaps and heaps of torque.

    As someone mentioned, is bikes with heaps of torque harder to ride than sports bikes?
  19. Sports bikes have more torque than anything else-

    Power= Torque x rpm.

    it's impossible to have a powerfull engine without having loads of torque, the torquiest bikes are the GSXR, CBR, R1, ZX etc...

    When people talk about "torque", they are not talking about the pure amount of torque, but rather the way in which torque (and correspondingly power) is delivered.

    Bikes which are said to have "lots of torque" are one's which deliver their torque in a smooth linear way, available from low to mid rpms...

    I ride a single cylinder bike, which are often said to be the torquiest, yet the amount of torque it supplies, and even the torque to weight ratio is way lower than on any sports bike.

    Make no mistake, sports bikes make the most torque, but their torque is supplied primarily in the upper part of the rpm range, making them less smooth and tractable, and often not ideal for street riding.

    So to answer your question, bikes with lots of torque have smooth linear power, so are more predictable to ride than sports bikes, but not really significantly easier to ride for an experienced rider.
  20. Yes but as you point out power is a product of torque AND rpm so it's quite possible to produce high power figures from a small amount of torque if the revs go high enough. The torquiest bike would be something like a Triumph Rocket III - roughly twice the torque of a GSXR/R1/whatever even though it produces less power (since it doesn't rev anywhere near as high). That's what Yamaha was aiming at with bikes like the Vmax, MT01 etc. - using a big lazy engine with plenty of torque to produce a certain amount of power rather than a smaller engine that has to rev harder. When it comes to torque there's really no substitute for displacement :).

    Edit: Oh and as for the question that was raised the one drawback (or advantage depending on how you look at it ;)) is that a large engine with lots of torque is going to have a much greater tendency to spin the rear wheel under acceleration - or lock it up under compression (obviously dependent on a lot of other factors like weight, tyre size etc.)