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torque helper

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by abvc, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. is there an automated mechanical tool that can help untorque/torque wheel axle nut?

  2. Are you looking for a torque wrench ?
  3. something like a driller; that would (un)bolt with a press of a button
  4. rattle gun?
  5. A tool commonly used to overtighten axle nuts. Do it by hand.
  6. Unless someone's put it on there with a rattle gun - in which case you'll often need a bloody long breaker bar (or a hammer). There's a few places now selling cheapy electric rattle guns for car wheel nuts which might be good - they're hardly going to be powerful enough to do any damage. Still best to use a torque wrench to do it up though to make sure it's right.
  7. You can get rattle guns with torque settings, just like a torque wrench.. Would be fairly expensive i reckon..
  8. that looks like the one. ty
  9. Yep, seen a compressed air powered one before which I think was around the $2000 price range :shock:.
  10. Rattle gun to undo, torque wrench to do up.

    Of course, after using the torque wrench to tighten up, you shouldn't need the rattle gun to undo it again :grin: .

    Speaking as someone who's had the back wheel fall off his R1100 'cos some tw*t didn't follow the torquing procedure before I bought it.
  11. Yep I reckon rattle guns are not for bikes, use a torque wrench or do what every bike shop I see does, and just do it up tight with a knuckle bar
  12. Ive got a impact gun and yeah ive done some work with it, I also have a torque wrench actually i gotta lot of stuff :LOL: being a diesel fitter.

    I cant help you guys on prices too much though, i buy 80% of my gear from Snap-on and the other 20% is made up of random brands and kincrome. My tools are something im quite proud of :)
  13. is there a specific reason why snap-on?

    i like supatool btw
  14. Nothing wrong with using an impact driver or rattle gun to undo certain parts on your bike. Flywheel bolts/countershaft sprockets & clutch hubs come to mind. Less likely to damage things than using the gearbox etc to try & hold whilst trying to undo them.
    There are also torque multipliers available for doing up/undoing really heavy/high torque fasteners -but I doubt you would require one for the axle on your bike :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Norbar last time i got a quote was 8500 big ones for the pneumatic torque guns

    so i settled for there basic highway man torque muliplier a snip at 1500 big ones which is a basic 5 to 1 reduction box and a Fiam worm drive ratchet driver runs at 60 rpm and is setable via air pressure come in at 2700 big ones

    yep you guessed it getting acurate torques to fastners with the minimum of human effort costs money

    by the way this was to resolve a particular issue in the factory where the lost time injury cost us big time so it was cheap and took a lot of effort out of the task

    by the way hauling up 550 nm is not easy
  16. Speaking as a fat b*stard with 2m of scaffold tube at his disposal I'd say it was a piece of the proverbial :LOL: .

    Yes it is high precision, calibrated scaffold tube :grin: .

    This is firmly tongue in cheek.