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Tork X-Pro Speakers! Good stuff!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by AcidTrip, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Well I tried searching to see if anyone had made a post on Tork X-Pro speakers, but I couldn't find anything so here's my short review.

    I ordered them from helmetaudio and they arrived within a week from the States. The package came with the speakers with included velcro strips and a removable coil speaker wire that connects from the helmet to your mp3 player wherever that may be.

    I'm using a Shoei TZ-X with the speaker recesses that were too deep, so I used velcro of my own to pad it up a bit and then put the Tork speakers in. I routed the cables and put the cheek pads in, and voila! Speakers installed! In the helmet the top of the speaker touches my ear and I can JUST feel it, but the sound produced is pretty damn good. I ride with earplugs and the music is JUST loud enough to let you know its there, but not loud enough to distract you. I'm using an iPhone 4S if that helps. If you wanted it to be louder, there's plenty of amp'ing options available too. As a point of reference, cruising around at 80kph with no wind the music is just as loud as standing still. In a headwind at 110kph, forget about it.

    I've attached a pic of the left ear speaker and how I've ran the cable to the outside of the helmet. I was pulled over in an RBT yesterday and the fuzz didn't say anything, so all seems to be good! If you're looking for an awesome set of speakers, I'd definitely recommend the X-Pro's for sure! Pricer than some but a hell of a lot better than the no names one of my mates has!

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  2. looks nice, i need something to oput inside my heltmet, head phones are ****ed and a pain in the arse to get the helmat on with them all the time
  3. I tried using my noise cancelling in-ear ear buds for a week and they kept popping out when I put my helmet on, or when I did manage to get them in, they hurt my ear after an hour or so. Now I use molded earplugs and these speakers and im much happier with the result! So I definitely know where you're coming from. I'd say speakers are the way to go for you too.