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Torino Motorcycles

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by afton, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Greetings all,
    I took a prelearner course years ago but didn't go for the test
    as I decided I don't like wearing helmet :(

    Recently I fell in love with this particular motorcycle look
    Torino Veloce

    and decided I want to give riding a second try! :)

    I haven't heard of this brand before. Any feedback/ opinion?
  2. My comment is "Yuck".

    What's to like? This looks like chinese rubbish rebranded to sound vaguely European.

    Don't waste your time with this junk Afton, get a real bike.

    I assume you don't work for Torino Motorcycles and this is not some lame viral marketing attempt, right Afton?

  3. if youre going for a cruiser, yamaha lams compliant do the xvs650 actually a lady on here is selling one, have a look in bikes for sale. great bikes!! Thats if you enjoy a cruiser!!
  4. Its easy to say "stay clear of brand "x" as they haven't been around long enough" etc but every brand needs to start somewhere and I think a good bit of competition in any market can be a good thing.

    If you are comfortable they'll be able to provide aftersales service if/when anything goes wrong, its at least worth a test ride. The quaility mightn't be up to what other brands are offering but I think thats reflected in the price. If thats a fair enough risk for you that's all that matters.

    Would I buy one though? - no, but only because I don't like the look of it
  5. Haha no, I'm not paid commission by anyone :p
    I just want an affordable reliable beginner motorcycle and I like the cruiser style.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I do like the XVS650 look and looking at
    the second hand prices, ~$7000, it's still quite affordable.
  7. That Terra 400 would be a really good learner bike if it doesn't fall apart.
    But if you can afford an XVS650, go with that

  8. What you are looking at here are Chinese knock offs of the Yamaha Virago 250 and the 400cc version of the Virago 535.

    The La Bora appears to be the Virago 250 engine in a softail type chassis.

    If reliability is one of your priorities I wouldn't be looking here.

    Not that cheap either. @$4k you are into Japanese 250 territory.

    Also keep in mind the models on the bikes shown here must be tiny. I'm not that big and I felt like a giant when I rode a friends Virago 250. The handlebars hit my knees.
  9. Go for something reliable & cheap - Like a Hunter Spyder.
  10. I had one myself, sold it about 2 years back for $7200 with alot more then 30k on the clock..

    worth making contact and make enquiries, at least WE know service histor is legit and kms are as well
  11. Ever heard of a place called japan?
    They make bikes, very good ones, for not that much money.

    Highly recommended.
  12. Hey I went to link afton, and clicked on the Road/Trail range for a view but can't seem to see any bikes, not that I'm complaining.
  13. $4500 for a 400cc bike that you could probably motard for another 500 or so.... thats $5k for a 400cc road legal motard....
  14. Check these bikes out. Look up "Hunterz mc" on youtube for a few videos of them.
  15. wow - one of the most ugly websites i've seen!
    the font, color, look/feel of the website seems to suggest to me nothing but detail-neglecting (possibly to the bikes they sell or build too?)
  16. Even from those professional pictures you can tell they are cheap and nasty.. imagine how bad they are in the flesh.
  17. Interesting you say this - I had a chat to the guy from the bike shop at Albion Park yesterday, who told me he was the Hunter "dealer of the year" last year.
    He couldn't speak highly enough of them as you might imagine, but there was a twist: He's dumped them for Laro this year (and happened to be loading 2 onto a trailer for delivery while we chatted...).

    The way he told it, the Hunter and the Laro are precisely the same thing with different badges, except the Laro is about $500 cheaper.

    I still wouldn't buy one as they're just not my kinda thing, but it certainly gave me pause to reflect on my thinking towards the new marques.
  18. Yeah, it's funny isn't it! I love the look of the Spyder, just wish it was a lot bigger in cc's! Can't understand why it's so expensive. I mean, nice looking bike & all, but still only a 250!
  19. I actually hoped on here to see what there was about Torino bikes and here was this thread. I was actually looking at them in the flesh today and to be honest the looked pretty good. No idea how they ride but appearance wise they look fine and a pretty reasonable price tag to boot considering warranties and all.
  20. They are the same Chinese built bike. I think they are the same as the American Or Canadian Johnny Pag


    Some of them even share the same name Prostreet, I think these are a 350. I know there have been some quality issues with the bikes in America, but they might have been older models.