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Torino 125cc Scooter Oil Change

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dweezle, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. HI All,

    I do my own servicing for my VTR250, but a friend has asked me to help her change the oil on her Torino scooter.

    I am having issues finding any info on the job.

    Would i be right in using 15w40 oil and can anyone tell me if it has to be anything special ie Motorcycle oil or can i use car oil?
    It is Auto so i assume CVT and that it would be a separate oil for the transmission??

    Also if there are any hidden issues with draining and filling the oil and do the Torino scooters use a oil filter or strainer?

    If anyone could throw me some info or correct anything i have written here i would very much appreciate it!
  2. dump the oil and keep it
    change the scooter
  3. Ha :) , well be that as it may, it gets her to work and back.
    I have not seen it yet.
    Assume it will be pretty standard was just hoping for confirmation on oil type.
  4. yeah fair nuf ,
    you have to read the owners manual to be safe
    msybe its online
  5. Thanks, does not seem to be much online about Torinos.
    Well besides the opinion you and i share of them :whistle: ;)