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Topping up break fluid

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Aaron, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. So my back break fluid level is on the minimun line, Ive bought some DOT 4 break fluid as per instructions should I just top up the break fluid or drain and replace the lot ?

  2. the worst thing about absorbing water is that it rusts the pistons on the master cylinder and brake pistons. The rotten thing that happens with master cylinders when changing fluid after a long period is the rusted part of the piston has crude or rust marks in it where its not "normally" used.

    When changing the fluid the master cylinder will be used in the 'usually' unused part. This causes nicks in the master cylinder cup which then bypasses fluid and, well basically, you can't get a "pedal" (lol..I'm used to cars so I dunno what to call a lack of pedal travel on a bike) or you get a slowly sinking lever height.

    BTW this "can" happen...it is not always a definite...just something you should be aware of!
  3. That's something that I should do. But I have that dual linked braking system, so I don't know the procedure for it, if it's any different from the basic setup for bleeding.

    I s'pose I should get the manual out and read it......
  4. Aaron, i'd first check your brake pad wear limit. If the pad lining is low and worn so will your fluid level in the reservoir. The only time your fluid would require topping up would be if you have a leak in the system ie calipers etc,(this you would feel in the general operation of your brakes anyhow) otherwise at times of replacement as per your service intervals stated in your owners manual. (check your linings/pads first)
    Regards Mick
  5. (Marty meant hygroscopic, of course)
  6. Exactly what I was gunna say :D
  7. Change

    Change it all.........

    You are going to have to take the lid of anyway change the lot....
    Beter the be safe than sorry...... Its only $10
  8. I agree with MartyH. I had a knowledgable mate of mine fix mine for me.

    Saved some buckaroos too. It's a big job if you're inexperienced.