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Top'O the morning to ye

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrJaiT, May 16, 2013.

  1. just saying hi & ticking a box, signed up to chronicle my 1984 BMW R65 LAMS build figured I could get some helpful knowledge here

  2. thank u good sir :D
  3. An R65, Well that will be an interesting project. Look forward to seeing it posted in the Projects section. Welcome to the forum, where about are you based?
  4. thank u, from all the information I've absorbed from around the net it's certainly looking to turn into quite the interesting time with this build especially with it being my first bike & build, I have this over whelming urge to build what I ride for the first time donno why but seems to make sense to know what I'm going to be putting between my leg's like that back of my hand

    I'm out in north Perth in WA
  5. ... an' th' rest o' th' day..

    Looking forward to seeing the details of your project. Netrider can be a good source of information, and there are plenty of like-minded constructors around who may be able to offer help and advice.

    Hope you enjoy your stay, and best of luck with the build :)
  6. tx grundy, I'll need it this is my first build & I'm pretty terrified of taking this engine apart if I have to
  7. Hi

    An R65 is about as simple an engine you can get in a bike and everything is pretty much exposed so easy to get at.

    I knew a guy who owned a R100RT who claimed that given a shifter he could hand over a con rod from his bike in half an hour. A slight exaggeration perhaps but it serves to illustrate the point.

    Have you been in touch with your local BMW Club (I assume they have one in the wilds of Perth). Usually those guys are a font of wisdom.
  8. u have no idea how much of a relief that is to hear & how much it means every time I hear it when I read that exact sentiment on different forums but I guess my nerves will calm once I get stuck into it but until then I have a feeling it's just this thing that I keep thinking I'll screw up

    great idea, I've contacted a few custom motorcycle builder's & one Hand Made Vintage Customs is most helpful & understanding of all my questions, even helping provide me with a few R65's to consider
  9. Good luck & fun with your project
  10. cool sounds like fun. Good luck and be sure to post updates :D