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topic revived.... 1st Bike for learner: Naked vs Fairing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danielle, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I've read some old threads on the forum about this topic. Basically, i just want to bring up the new point..

    do fairings increase safety/visibility (see study below) and is that more of a plus than the money for when the bike is inevitably dropped (yes pls argue this point) by little miss learner?

    perhaps i am actually saying.. is safety more important than money... ? hrmmmmmmmm i guess its a balancing act maybe someone can explain this whole wind resistance thing.

    on the wind resistance thing..i dont know how much high-speed riding i'll be doing to start off with, but no doubt my first few months will involve going round the neighbourhood while everyones asleep and cars are locked in garages, then move on riding through the suburbs (ie home to uni) and then home to city (in peak hr) in the second half of this year.. .... i read on an old netrider post that
    ... in that case, i think i want faired bike :D

    Cheaper repairs when dopey learner drops bike
    lighter for manouvering
    cheaper insurance
    cheaper for service
    no fairings to replace in an accident
    more wind resistance - is this a plus


    SAFETY! Better visibility for cars on the road*
    looks prettier
    looks prettier
    easier to repair fairings than an engine (?)
    less wind resistance - or is THIS a plus

  2. I would argue results of this one are very inconclusive; the fact they had fewer faired bikes represented is more likely an anomaly, or can be attributed to some other factors. Logically, fairings shouldn't make a whole lot of difference as far as visibility goes, not compared to the headlight, or the noise bike makes. I would say, even colours of rider's helmet and jacket are likely to make more difference than the fairing.

    On the other hand, the probability of low-speed spill or a drop is very, very high.
    So I'd say, by all means get a faired bike if you want one, but don't think it will make you any safer!
  3. I bought a faired bike for my first, basically because if im gonna sink $7500 into a brand new bike i want it to look pretty! Also the way to work and back requires a bit of highway driving so id want to be aerodynamic.

    Also apparently the fairings on my bike are in many pieces so it will be cheaper to get them repaired if i drop it.

    Also id have to say if your going to go onto a faired bike in the future may as well start now.
  4. Speaking of this wind resistance thing. I'm not sure if my experience is the norm. But riding a faired bike on a moderately gusty day like today... you know the feeling you get when your are on an airplane and you hit rough turbulance? Well that is how I would describe the experience of wind on a faired bike. From what I've read people who ride nakeds don't have so much of a problem because the wind blows right through them or something. Lucky buggers.

    But having said all that if I could choose my bike again I'd say 90% chance I'd still get the same one - http://www.kawasaki.com.au/index.php?category=motorcycles&sub_category=4&product=53

    What bikes are you considering?
  5. Buy whatever ticks your clock. The majority of crashes are front on (from bike's perspective), so a fairing isn't going to give you much more visibility to an biker unfriendly/ignorant driver.

    :idea: If you want a REALLY safe bike buy an ex-cop bike. Everyone notices them!
  6. hahhaha novel idea DuanneB

    lopsided the bike i currently have my eye on is a kawasaki balius. (note i havent been to the dealer yet to sit on one.. or test drive, and its 2k more for the same bike at a dealer than one just out of melbourne.. so i will be talking them down, or travelling... or buying a totally diff bike)...

    i actually look at faired bikes and drool, but when it comes to me handing over cash for one and taking it home, i get scared, they are so big and heavy !! the service cost and repair cost came into it a bit, though i understand i may be up for more than a faired bike if i damage the engine of a naked bike... and i got quote for 3 bikes today (comp) and the balius was actually approx $100 MORE than a gpx250r, which suprised me.

    meph thanks for your comments.. i do really like the idea of an eye-candy bike, however, it SCARES me!!

    cb250goespop thanks for your comments.. if the bike drops at low speed, i imagine it could crack the fairings.... maybe? maybe scratch the engine. dunno what would be worse? the study kind of left open whether it was the bike, or the rider ... i'm inclined to think the better a rider gets, the more fully sick fairings they get, and the less accidents with experience..

    :nopity: arrghhh omg so confused. going to wag work for an hour or 2 this week and check out elizabeth st dealers.
  7. Danielle, most bikes are designed so the engine is somewhat protected by other bits hanging off the bike. In a low-impact situation they take the brunt of the fall and it is only once they are damaged the engine becomes vulnerable. For example, my one (and only, knock on wood) spill at around 30-40km/hr on a CB250 left scratches on the pegs, the pipe and handlebars, and a very minimal dent on the tank - but not a scratch on the engine.

    But if that was a faired bike, the fairings would be in pieces. Being plastic (and thin plastic at that) and right on the outside of the bike, they are extremely vulnerable
  8. fairing make u go faster. y do u think harleys r so slow.

    anyways accelaration rain resistance front on wind resistance will all be easeir with fairings. In other words going in a straight lines with fairings will be better and u will be able to go faster

    nakeds will get blow around slightly less in side on wind, big bridges ect but not significatly better.

    Naked will be cheaper to repair, usaly there and all sort of generator casing and things that can be easily replaced on a naked in the event of a drop.

    u will not spend a few months riding around at night it will take u less than a week b4 u hit the road in traffic dont sweat it just hang ur L plate and go slow.
  9. crutch
    thanks for that.. you're confirming that my thoughts of naked bike is a good choice

    cool. thanks.. i dont really want smashed fairings it would be unfair on the bike!
  10. Danielle, remember ...... real motorbikes have fairings ....
  11. if you are comprehensivley insured why would you care about the repair bill of dropping a faried bike? thats just my assumption that youll get full insurance. myself, i knew id be doing my own repairs and my own maintinance, thats why i got a naked. it paid off too, in the 6 months and 20k kms ive had my bike, its found the ground three times, once trying to pull a mono, once trying to pull a stoppie, and once it got blown over in the wind (which actually caused more damage than trying the stoppie).
    or just get oggie knobs fitted.

  12. Riding position on faired sports bike.. If you are thinking of commuting or riding long distance, easier to get sore-arms, elbows, back etc as compared to naked (better riding position)
  13. cash
    thats what im thinking..

    HAPPY MONDAY!! (it sucked)
    thats a new point.. hadnt thought bout insurance factor, but being under 25, excess is $800, so not pretty!

    i know they do .. but they SCARE ME
  14. Hey Dani... found you!

    Let's clear up that wind resistance thing... when you're going at high speed 80km/h and upwards the front on wind (blowing in your face) is very strong and can be quite uncomfortable. It's basically like trying to walk into a gale.

    The fairing on a bike makes it aero-dynamic so that the wind is directed around a bike not head-long into it. Imagine walking into the gale with an umbrella infront of you. This effect is significant even with a mini-faired bike like mine (SRX250) and when you crouch down behind the screen you can literally feel the wind die down and you can feel a little on your back instead of in your face. The same goes for rain surprisingly, when you crouch down at high speed in the rain you barely get wet because the rain goes over the top.

    As for cross-wind catching on the fairing.... really the amount of fairing isn't going to make much difference since it doesnt make the profile of the bike much bigger. However since faired bikes are usually heavier they get blown around less. Being blown around in cross wind is something you get used to and adjust for but it's never pleasant.

    Other than that, the Balius is a great bike - check out the Bandit and the Zeal too. You can even get a little screen to go on the front if you do a lot of miles on the freeway.