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Topcases - which and where to buy??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by OC1, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. As i ride my bike a fair bit, I've decided to invest is a hard topcase to store some gear in for the XV250. A 30 to 35 litre would be heaps (helmet and boots really).

    I have had a look at Kappa and Givi's - which are damn expensive in Australia. Seems like you can purchase overseas for 50% off (especially if you can use sea freight).

    Can anyone recommend the best brand or type?? The universal fitting for the Givi looks like it will suit any standard parcel rack.
  2. Givi-Kappa-current Suzuki-late Trumpy = same stuff, same base-plates
    Guzzi-HepcoBecker-mid80s-90s Honda = same stuff, same base-plates
    Nonfango is a stand-alone, but makes heaps of once-offs for various bike manuf.
    Krauser is stand-alone, but makes heaps of once-offs for various bike manuf. and is a subsidiary of Hepco Becker.
    Nonfango is a stand-alone, but makes heaps of once-offs for various bike manuf.
    Shad (Spain) is a stand-alone, but makes once-offs for various bike manuf. and mail-order mobs in Europe/ US (Hein Gericke etc) often under the SCHUH name.
    Denfeld is long defunct.
    Most el-cheapos sold in AUS are Chinese/Vietnamese-made and fairly poor quality, bad fittings/locks, bad design, no backup/ spares.

    Get onto a wrecker or other joints that see pranged bikes regularly for 2.hand stuff. Ebay occasionally.
  3. R-Jays are not a bad compromise. $150 for a 45 litre top box that sits on my bike.
    Have a look at them as well.
  4. :D I was just about to ask what the best top box is. Thanks.
    Will a 45 litre top box noticibly affect handling on my yamaha sr250 or will it be nothing to worry about :?:
  5. Well for commuting on my zzr, it's fine. However on the twisties I do notice there is a fair difference in handling, when I carry even a medium amount of load. I just take off my top box when I do twisties.
  6. hmmm. I noticed that on the nonfango site www.nonfango.com that they are designing these for scooters so should not be a problem for my Yamaha sr250.
  7. takagawa

    That is an easy fix. :)
  8. Thanks for the info....

    From what I can determine these are the main players:

    Most other stuff is either very hard to source or only available in bulk from the factory. One thing for sure is that you will have a hell of a time trying to get it for a decent price anywhere! There are some good prices in Europe but getting it here is a pain. Likewise eBay is next to useless as well!

    It seems I can't find a decent online gear merchant on the WWW - maybe us bikers are to PC illeterate they think??
  9. I should have a brandnew Kappa (Givi) 46 liter by the end of the week, if you're interested, sent me a pm.
  10. More after a 30 to 35 litre one....
  11. Conclusion - eBay saves the day! 35L Givi, new condition, $160.

    To all those bike shops doing them for around the $400 mark - I give you the "Volvo reversing out of a driveway" salute!
  12. What do people use to secure them (the top boxes) to the bike? I have an RJay's top box which comes with a couple of hinge like brackets. I tried cutting off the top vertical bar on a gearsack rack and attaching the top box to the racks shelf using the hinge like brackets, but they aren't terribly strong or secure and I have to continually tighten and re-attach them as they come loose from vibration. Also, the shelf section of the rack snapped near the 90degree bend that joins it with rack brackets that attach to the bike .. presumably from too much weight.

    I have looked at the Givi style securing plates, but the dealers want mega $$ for one of those.
  13. Jase, gimme a hoy.
    Even better, come along with bike and box and we'll fix it.
    Feared a similar thing on Goodie's Peg for the 5-weeks NZ and made up some alloy-brackets...it's all in one piece after 10.000km+ now.
    And that on a 650 single, talking about vibes and all :D :D
  14. Mouth the RJays should have come with a base plate, quick attach and release. Did it ? Or are you talking about attaching that to the bike.

    A hint for other RJays owners, I did this just in case.

    Have box in place mounted on base plate.
    Drill a suitable sized hole right through the bottom of the top box and base plate.
    Run a 10mm or bigger bolt though it with a small drilled hole in the end.
    Place a ring pin O- though it so it can't come off by itself and you lose all your gear one dark and stormy night. Or run a small padlock through the hole, even better.