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Topcase or drybag? plastic or ali cases?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by CBRider, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I can't decide between the two and don't really know anything about carrying luggage on a bike so i thaught id ask.
    Either way i go, the top will be used for keeping most if the stuff ill use for sleeping dry and easy to reach while im on the road, caravan park or middle of no where. The tent could go outside but id probably have to keep a sleeping bag, hiking matress and pillow, towl and whatnot clean and dry so thaughts, opinions, experiences would be good.
    Also the panniers, i know ill be dropping the bike a bit at verry low speed off road so not regarding my legs what should i go for, or what will cope the best bush mechanic repair wise also, again thaughts and opinions welcome as i have absolutely no idea.

  2. So what bike ya got??

    Aluminium panners going to be more robust, but guessing more expensive. A big stack will rip either off the bike....

    What ya need is a good rack - who doesn't love a good rack :cool:

    Had a Kathmandu dry bag, largest size and just big enough to fit in self infalting mattress, tent (small 1.5man) and sleeping bag.

    Now have largest Whitworths (Boat shop) one and it is perfect - very spacious, with plenty of extra room to pack in shoes, some clothes, toilet bag and towel so can pack everything up night before leaving - have shower and go :cool:

    Advantage of top box is security - but IMHO lose too much space and have seen a few loose loads strapped to top boxes.

    Here's my previous bike loaded up for trip to Townsville last year - also note guitar and chair (not a fan of stools for decent session :wink: ) Don't know how ya'd fit all this on with a top box

  3. my unqualified opinion...which is what NR is all about

    hard cases are better for security and water-proffedness (technical term)

    but soft can be better in a crash, ie if you have hard plastic paniers and drop the bike on one side at lowspeed/standstill you could easily bust it open rendering it useless. however a soft saddle bag should fair better.

    if all you are doing is road touring hard would probably win out, but if you plan to go offroad (you will drop it eventually) then soft might be the go.

    pluss its cheaper and you have the potential to store more. Plus always store your fragile items in your tankbag/rear rack...not in the paniers, for the above reason
  4. Could always combine soft and hard - keep the precious items in the hard cases etc. Personally I like the versatility of my ventura bags - I carry a smaller 35ltr bag full of necessities on my day to day commute and zip on the larger 55ltr bag for the extended trips. Then again hard stuff can be just as versatile I guess.
  5. ADV *wave*