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NSW Top work Hwy police

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gsxrjames, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I just heard something awesome that I thought I should share.

    My fiance was pulled over today, on first impression for speeding. She was being tailgated by a truck, which by her account was tailgating right on her bumper. There was no other available lane and she crept a bit faster.

    Anyway, she way pulled over and was sure she'd be booked.
    It turns out another patrol car stopped the truck shortly up the road, forced the fat prick to walk over and apologise to her :D.

    What a champ. :beer:
    Keep it up guys.

    Anyone tailgating to deliberately intimidate others, especially in smaller vehicles can get fcuked.

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  2. There were two separate coppers?
  3. Yep. Tag team
  4. Good job, it's about time.
  5. But did the fat prick get booked? Apologies are cheap; hit 'em in the hip pocket too.
  6. The only bad thing about this is I can no longer stereotype HWP, now I don't know what to believe! Simply awesome.
  7. Nah, pride hurts much more than a few dollars. Being forced to go and apologise is something he wont forget for a long time.
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  8. Sounds like he needed a walk anyway
  9. HWP being nice? It must be the end of the world.
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  10. There's a ticket they can give for tail gating but if I understand correctly there are further charges that can be given in court. This may be also about getting both your fiancée and the second HWP as a witness that can verify it was him driving the truck. Justus may be able to shed some more light as I may be talking out of my arse.
  11. newsworthy
  12. especially having to apologise in public to a lady....
  13. Somewhere, there's a truckies' forum where one disgruntled truckie is whinging about unfair cops and a long stream of sympathetic, "yeah, me too" comments...
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  14. That seems like a bit of a misogynist comment there hornet.. or were you trying to imply some sort of misogyny on the part of the truck driver?

    Sorry, I don't want to derail the discussion too much; thanks to the OP for sharing the story.. it's nice when the cops can occasionally get some good press too.

    Maybe the Mayans were right, and the end of the world as we know it really is approaching :)
  15. Don't forget the 1 or 2 that tell him he shouldn't be tail gating and the hundreds that call them beige cardigan wearing llamas.
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  16. HWP work alone it would have been GD cops
  17. It's one or the other. You either receive a TIN to pay or court summons to appear before a magistrate.

  18. Wrong, HWP can and do work together.
  19. I meant in NSW