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Top up or replace?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by TCShadow, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. What would the benefit be in replacing all of the oil in my bike every 2000km say rather than just topping it up? It's a relatively new GPX250 and had its first service at 850km...

    Not terribly fussed about cost as i doubt it would cost very much and the bike I assume takes a pretty small amount of oil in the first place.

    Also what should I be doing as far as general maintenance and just checks on the bike?

    I have a feeling it's time to lube the chain too.. someone said every 1000k

  2. the gpx lives on oil changes.i did mine about every 1500kms. considering its about 1.8L or something it costs nothing to do. takes about 15 mins and while its draining for 5 mins or so you get time to give the rest of the bike a spot clean.
    general maintenance is pretty light and easy and is simply oil, oil filter, air filter, chain adjust and so on. brakes are a piece of p1ss also. if you live in the north of sydney you can pop over one day and ill give you the quick run down(as we do all of the mentioned items).
    get your log book services done for the warranty but in between its good to throw in extra oil changes and know how to sort a few other things out.
    best hit that chain with some lube.
    chains are personall to every rider. im about every 800kms or after a wash or heavy rain.
  3. Yeah I'll take you up on that... not quite sure when but I'll drop you a pm. Is there a shop around you somewhere where i can buy what's needed or just tell me what I need to buy and I'll get it sorted before I come around.
  4. Replacing the oil removes all the fine wear particles suspended in it.
    Oil will also degrade over time.
  5. Where do I start ? :shock: :?

    As already said, oil changes are for a reason and that is to give your engine as much protection as possible, esp as you say its fairly new.
    If your not going to look after it, I feel for the next poor sucker that buys it and has to do a engine rebuild due to slack servicing in its early life.

    As for 1000k between chain lubes? That is at the top end of the scale.
    For maximum life I would suggest:
    As a commuter .... once a week [ when you do for maintenance checks ]
    In rain .... every day
    When playing .... somewhere between 500 > 1000k or when the mark one eyeball tells you it's looking a little dry