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Top TV Drama series

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. OK, so TV has pretty much been taken over by crap 'reality' shows.

    Kinda glad I don't actually own a TV.

    What I do do is rent or buy good drama series on DVD and watch those on the computer (21" monitor yeah).

    'Buffy' is the all time favourite at our place, but we've been watching 'Supernatural' lately and it's very good too. 'Firefly' is just fantastic too, and we enjoyed 'Dark Angel', but both of those were cut down before their time by boneheaded TV execs.

    We've watched 'Heroes' (I was working hard and missed most of it but the family enjoyed it) and 'Battlestar Galactica' (I loved it, the rest of the family (wife and two teen daughters) less so). The girls are big fans of 'Charmed' and my youngest got the big box with all seasons of that for Christmas. And hey, the 'Charmed' girls are not hard on the eyes, so I don't mind watching that with them!

    Any other good, well written, enjoyable series you've watched and could recommend? Or comments on these ones?
  2. I've downloaded and greatly enjoyed the first seasons of Life and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    I can chuck them both on a DVD and post it to you if ya want.
  3. Yes please, yes please! Sarah Conner in particular would be welcome, both because the girls were recently sat down in the 'Terminator appreciation chair' to watch the movies so they would get some of my references and because it includes Summer Glau from Firefly.

    Snail mail address PMed.
  4. you lived in canada, right?

    since you have kids, may i suggest:

    'due south'

    'falcon beach'

    you're welcome :wink:
  5. Danke, will go looking...
  6. Farscape. A pretty decent Aussie made Scifi.
    Some of the chicks are hawt!

    Lexx. (if you can find it.)
    Euro/Canadian Scifi, really different and left field.
    Ditto on the chicks as well.
  7. Being a Buffy fan, I assume you watched Angel as well, right? Equally as enjoyable, at times even more so, and some nice cross series tie-ins. You may want to check out Buffy season 8 - not exactly a tv drama, but has been done via comic books - and yes, is the "official" season 8.

    Given your tastes, you should also enjoy Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, if you haven't watched them. When I first started watching it took me a little to take to them but them, and especially with the tv station treatment of them - on one week, off another, different timeslot with no warning and disappearing mid season with no warning either. However brilliant watched back to back on DVD. Some movies on the way as well for SG-1 even though the series has finished now at season 10.

    Also well worth watching is OZ. Not so much for the kiddies though! :LOL:
  8. Black Books
    Greys Anatomy
    Red Dwarf
    West Wing (might be a bit over the girls heads, it's 'fast paced' in that you really need to concentrate at all times to follow it and keep up with the fast acting...if course, i have no idea how old your girls are :))
    Gilmore Girls (for the girls of the house, you may like it too though ;) )

    ....that's all i can think of atm :)
  9. Big fan of Lost and Heroes.
    Enjoyed all the star trek series and Bab 5.
    Also a fan of the sopranos etc.
    Lots of great series and shows butchered by Aussie.
    Thanks Torrents for saving the day!
  10. Alan Partridge and SPACED are worth checking out.

    I'm working through "The Bill" eppisodes from 1985 - 1999 at the moment. Jesus, it's hard work. :grin:
  11. love those in the bold... also spaced (by guys that did hot fuzz), firefly, sopranos, skins (awesome!), southpark :p and others

    ....that's all i can think of atm :)
  12. Just stating shows that others haven't already:
    Top Gear
    Doctor Who
    Burn Notice
  13. life on Mars.

  14. The new Dr Who series are great.

    Not the same genre, but Sopranos is excellent and I hear The Wire is as good or better.

    +1 for Spaced, Black Books and Red Dwarf.
  15. Hustle (BBC)
    The Sopranos
    Flight of the Conchords
    My Name is Earl
  16. f@#k all of the above!

    go old school:

    degrassi junior high

    wonder yrs

    growing pains

    family ties

    the cosby show

    parker lewis can't lose

    beans baxter

    weird science

  17. I'd rather watch static
  18. Omitted to mention in the original post that we've watched, and loved, all of Spaced, Black Books and Red Dwarf. Lots more there to think about, and The Wire definitely comes highly recommended from a lot of people.

    Thanks all for the suggestions, but I should note that I intended more a 'what do you watch and like?' than a 'what should we watch?' - the latter was more a useful intended side effect! So don't worry so much about the specific parameters of my family - let's just chat about what's good!

    One I actually really enjoyed was the little-known Aussie series 'Good Guys Bad Guys'. Lots of laughs, a bit of action, good Aussie locations and some grouse old Chargers.
  19. ATM I am watching Scrapheap challenge, its on ABC2 around 6:40pm everyday except Sunday. Not really drama, but lots of metal and scrap and teams "bodging" things together in 10 hours to make some sort of machine.

    Then the 2 teams pit against each other and the winner goes to the next round.
  20. That show was the duck guts!! I loved it. Oh and life on mars sucked me right in...