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Top Ten Tourers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by alan55, May 28, 2014.

  1. Interesting that there is nothing below an 1100. I've toured happily on a 650, and don't see the need for a bigger engine. Maybe it is a mindset thing?
  2. Being a European reader survey the results might reflect the roads they use and their higher maximum speed limits some roads may have. It also depends on the type of bike that is classified as a tourer and how many owners responded to the survey.

    We had a CX500 Turbo back in the mid 90's and we did the coastal route from Adelaide to Sydney and back across to Adelaide. A year later it was up to Alice Springs and back again.

    Before I bought the 1100 in 2006 I had a basic CX500 but no touring on it. Mainly used for commuting and trips to the Riverland, Port Augusta and Whyalla for family visits.
  3. A bit surprised not to see a gsx1250 in there somewhere. Like all top ten list though I guess it's very subjective
  4. Wondering if the FJR was 11th? Thought it might have been up there
  5. Yeh good point, cops love them
  6. The more I ride, the more I'm cynical about 1000cc plus bikes.

    All of those bikes listed are "Two Up", long time away type tourers.

    The one-up, weekend/occasional week away type touring bike list would look a little different in my books.