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Top Ten Sales

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Interesting - scooter sales overall went down 1%, what happened to all the hype about scooter sales going up? I suppose all the new people who went and bought one in 2006 still had them in 2007....
  2. whoo !!! hoo!!! ct 110 bike of the decade .......and i get to ride one nearly every day :roll: :roll: :roll:
  3. Last year, Australians brought 1 million cars. Bike numbers can never compare. I thought lots of people ride bikes. Yet I seem to meet so many people who gave up riding due to money, risks, hassles of putting on gear, (you name it - any excuse). I can understand selling the bike for financial reasons. What also seems odd is that someone would hang on to their car longer than bikes I guess. Therefore the turnover of bikes should be higher - that should mean higher bike sales.

    I think I have mis-read those figures - surely the sale figures should be higher.... There's a massive back log to get your Ls, your Ps, etc. I'm going to re-read this figures to see if I missed something.
  4. If you take out postie bike sales of 2,884, Harley is the number one seller of Road Bikes :cool:
  5. Good to see the ducati 1098 though....

    Model YTD 2007 YTD 2006 % Chg
    1098 ___560____ 1 ____55900.0%


    Everyone loves it!
  6. Road bike sales increased 18% or 7,000 units - pretty sure car sales did not increase 18% on 2006
  7. Total is 110k once you take out ATVs..

    Thats like in in 18 people buying a new bike in australia this year?
  8. Postie bikes are probably one of the few bikes that are brought for work purposes only. (Think of how many fleet cars are brought each year). I think Australia Post is the only or one of few companies that buy CT110. Has anyone brought a CT110 new, directly from Honda. Most people I know brought them 2nd hand from Australia Post.
  9. More public education funding is required!
  10. Can't buy them directly from honda anymore, so I've heard.
  11. :music: Woot! postie FTW!!! :dance: :dance: :tantrum:
  12. Kawasaki never really makes an impact... I guess a big problem they have is Japan supplying to Oz... They arent real good at it..

    And apart from the 14, and if they still made the ZX12, i wouldnt even consider any other Kawasaki. The others have them covered in the looks dept by a mile.. And the average joe cant tell the real difference in power between them.. I reckon Suzuki has the market covered with the GSXR750.. The sleeping giant will be the Ducati 848 in next years poll .. :wink:
  13. yes you can !
    Go to Action M/C at Parra, new CT110s are for sale parked next to RRs !
  14. I thought you weren't able to buy them previously, but now can.
  15. I dunno mate, im starting to love the look of the new zx10r (especially the rwhp of 170 outta the box!). :wink:
  16. 1098 ftw :grin:
  17. You're not alone there. I am trying to tear myself away from a new GSXR1000 which I really love, because I have had a soft spot for the green machines as long back as I can remember.

    Ah, lifes choices can really play on your mind......... :grin:
  18. Bah, becoming far too popular, the secret is out. I'll have to start telling everyone they're crap. :)

    Model ______ : 07 : 06 : % Chg
    BMW F 800 ST : 168 : 23 : 630.4%

    Could be worse, could be a CBR, they're like a-holes...everyone has one! ;)

    I see the Sprint ST sales have soared too, good marketing with the hard panniers included with the 07 model...really put them in the running in my search at the time too!

    Butz. :beer:
  19. Must be ok in new south micky but I know for fact that you cant buy them here in vic without a notice from auspost as my neighbour wanted one. Thats only new though second hand is ok if ya want something that small :wink: :grin: