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top ten motorbikes show on discovery tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. top ten motorbikes show on discovery tonight(spoiler list included)

    Just a heads up if anyone see's this, the discovery channel will have a panel of experts rank the top 10 greatest ever motorbikes tonight at 8.30pm
    late notice i know but i just saw the ad and they will surely replay it a fair bit

  2. Was a goodish show, had a lookover of the bikes there specialities and quirks ect, the experts i saw the names of were, hugo wilson a bike expert classics restorer, matt oxley, racer/critic, paul garson motorcycle historian, kevin cameron a bike engineer and the racer kenny roberts. plus jay leno
    The list they came up with was as follows and their reasons i remember them using

    10 Harley davidsons knucklehead , basically as it was the first real speedbike and was a classic that launched harley's big time

    9 the 1959 motoguzzi V8 racebike , for being so amazing to develop a v8 race bike engine way back then , would have been higher but it just didnt perform , too many mechanical issues

    8 the Vespa from piaggio , just for its popularity numbers and it's practicality

    7 1934 BROUGH SUPERIOR SS 100 , great handling stable front wheel design removing wobbles at speed but was lower on list for being not widely sold, more an elite machine

    6 John Brittens V1000 what can you say a lone kiwi bike lover, building a bike and racing against and beating the rest of and best of bikes, and this occuring in the 1990's it just doesnt happen, but did, genius designer

    5 Triumph bonneville iconic brittish bike, popularised in america for it's speed racing records on the bonneville salt flats, plus marlon brando riding 1 in the wild one didnt hurt its sales stateside,

    4 Y2K Turbine superbike split the experts, has a bell jet ranger helicopter turbine engine 250mph speed but not a great turner worlds most expensive bike, some called it silly , others just loved the uniquness and ingenuity, plus the 1200 deg celsius exhaust that melts cars plastic bumpers

    3 1969 Honda CB 750 Came out and did what motorbikes needed to do, cornered well stopped well accelerated smoothly and powerfully, great smooth reliable engine, made the other bikes of it's day seem unreliable and 2nd class, would have rated higher, but they said just lacked the passion of great bikes, seemed to do all so well and smoothly and easilly it was a little boring in their words

    2 Ducati 916 3 world titles in the 90's relaunched the v twin as a serious race engine when all others were on inline 4's. the engine rated so highly for it's amounts of usable power and the smoothness on which it supplied it, despite having less overall horses than it's competitors

    1 the Honda cub $0 million bikes produced, the worlds biggest selling motorcycle, gets people on bikes all over the world from taiwan to america, also was marketing bikes as people family friendly not just for bad bikers and rebel types, the bike that made honda. also so indestructible, they had charley boorman fill the oil with chips oil and it kept going, load it with 200kg it went, dropped it off a 22 metre high building, it started 8-[. not exactly a great performance bike, ect but it's numbers speak for themselves in usage. feel free to rip the critics a new 1 if you disagree, :LOL: