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Top Ten Maneuvers that Rile Me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by krabi, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. After a few years of riding now and getting over myself every-time another road user did not drive to my high expectations (I assume everyone is as perfect as me:rolleyes:), I've decided to come up with my top ten driving maneuvers that shit me. I know the self-righteous of you out there will say, "get over it", I have, it does not mean I have to like it hence this list. I thought doing this exercise at the end of the calendar year was a good time to get this off my chest so I can move on next year. Feel free to add more, give the maneuver a name.

    10. Right Lane Wonder- This maneuver slightly shits me as if they are going above the speed limit, I kinda of figure speeding is a bigger sin than traveling in the right lane. However, if the bastards are going slow or at the speed limit, well that's a different story.
    9. The Truck Blockade- very much related to the Right Lane Wonder, as I get the pips when a slow truck jumps into the right lane to overtake an even slower truck and consequently blocks the path for the next 10 kms as it is trying to overtake.
    8. The Illiterate Road User- "No stopping" literally means no stopping. These places are there for serious safety reasons like pedestrian crossings, blind corners etc. They block my view!
    7. The Failed Racing Pro- This is the driver that thinks the road is Mount Panorama or Philip Island, and that their driving/riding should resemble that of the weekends race and everyone should sit back in awe at their superb driving/riding prowess.
    6. The Indignant Driver- These are the jerks that get a bee in their bonnet that you split past them and consequently make it their immediate life mission to hunt you down and overtake you just to slow down (they feel they've proved some point), very closely related to the inconsistent road user (see next).
    5. The Inconsistent Road User- These folks come in all types of vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy vehicles. These are the buggers that speed up, slow down and can not make up their mind what their comfortable speed is. Usually found on freeways, you find you overtake them 20 times as they vary their speed in a 110 zone from 130 kph then 100 etc.
    4. Saturday Morning Soccer Dad/Mum- I refuse to ride Saturday mornings as this group of people are so distracted by running late and having little Johnny screaming in the back, that they forget that there is this other place of existence called the roadway.
    3. The Hard Braker- These mongrels get my heart pumping when they come up to an intersection and their whole car language says they are not stopping, but at the last minute decided to lock the brakes up. Then they give me the dirty look of "what" as I slow down to possibly avoid a collision.
    2. The Mobile Phoner- Goes without saying, these F***tards are the bane of every motorcyclists' existence.
    1. The Non-Indicator- For what ever reason this maneuver riles me the most, as these folks think that the roadway is powered by "The Force" and that everyone is a "Jedi Knight" and that we all should've known that they were changing lanes, or even turning into a street. These are the mongrels that I watch out for the whole time I'm on the road.

    So what maneuvers shit you the most? (Make it general)
  2. Nice copy and edit but it aint funny.
  3. Haha, good read.

    This is probably my biggest hate. I don't care if you wanna speed or your happy doing 10-15km/h under, just be bloody consistent so I can overtake or let you overtake. They're the same dipshits who sit on your arse for the whole overtaking lane, then decide as the left lane is ending they want to overtake, forcing you to brake or risk having them get the shits when you pull in front.

    End rant.
  4. Dunno what drivers are like in other states, but here in Victoria drivers are very skilled, attentive, predictable and road-law abiding.
    MC awareness also rates extremely high in Vic.
    Most of us here are more than happy riding amongst are fellow Victorian motorists.
  5. Another one are drivers who brake for absolutely no reason, on a straight stretch of road or maybe coming up to a s-l-i-g-h-t bend.
  6. Drivers that use the overtaking lane and do just enough to pass but block your progress then slow down and create another line of traffic behind them.
  7. The I'll keep you guessing drivers: these are the tools that sit at side streets and when they see you coming begin rolling forward in anticipation of a quick take off. But you're never really sure if they are going to wait for you to pass or just pull out in front. I've had enough of them pull out in front that I'll never assume.

    ...and it riles me that the whole time I have to watch them to see what they're going to do, that I can't scan ahead for other threats.
  8. The 'I demand a merging space drivers' who seem to think they can seemlessly join a freeway traveling at 110-110kmph while they are dawdling at 80. This causes freeway traffic to brake, often resulting in cars quickly changing lanes (without checking) and causing grief themselves.

    Followed closely by

    I'm merging at 140kmph ya cluckers.Get outa my way, then locking up their brakes cos they are up someones ringpiece

    Not too mention people that think its ok to pull out of a parking/hard shoulder without indicating.

    Geez..I've got alot of baggage here!](*,)

  9. Go down to your local supermarket at around 5.30-6.00pm. Here you will see everyone on their way home grabbing toilet paper and some munchies for dinner.

    Now just sit back and watch them all bumbling around with trolleys, running out of the end of the aisles without looking, putting their trolley on one side of the aisle while browsing the other, reaching in front of you while you are collecting mushrooms to put in your little paper bag, letting their kids rip the lolly packets off the shelf, trying to sneak in front at the deli because they were too lazy to get a ticket, and running off to grab something else just as they are meant to be paying.

    Take a deep, zen like breath, and think to yourself...

    ...if that's how they walk, I guess it explains how they drive.

  10. Oh that's a whole other thread!!! I love how some of them walk in one direction while looking in another, and seem genuinely surprised when they crash into you.....muttering sorry mate i didn't etc etc.

    I now go ATGATT when I go to the supermarket, nothing like a bit of body armor to make walking into you an unpleasant experience ;)
  11. Motorcyclists shit me to tears.
  12. I believe this one deserves its own category.

    Arrogant Harley Riders: They think they own the road and that everyone else on the road is merely an inconvenience to them. They lane split between cars at the most dangerous of times (whilist cars are moving at slow and even at high speeds and through some corners) and fail to indicate when changing lanes almost all the time. They follow cars in the right hand lane so closely Im sure the cars cannot see their front headlight.

    This sort of behaviour really shits me.
  13. ????huh????
    This one made me laugh, but summer would be a bugger.
  14. The I go faster when theres an overtaking lane, and slow down when it ends knobs.
    Nothing sheets me to tears more then some knob who is doing 80kph on a single lane 100+kph zone who then accelerates to some 120kph while there is an opportunity for others to overtake, and then slows down to 80 again after the lane/opportunity ends.
    It either makes me excessively speed at some 150kph to get past them and put some finality on their stupidity, or take some risk id otherwise rather not take because road rage is getting the better of me.

    Coming home from pre-learners day one today, heading up the pacific highway there was some (at least) 100 harleys/bigass cruisers that look like harleys riding along in their gang stuff..... i kept out of the way and pretended i didnt exist :) They owned the road as far as i was concerned :p.
  15. The I am not a slow vehicle so I don't need to use the slow vehicle turn out lanes dweebs , now with the single white line passing rules in force here in Victoria this sub species has become even more obnoxious.
  16. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=1902375&postcount=6
  17. mine is the opposite to this. sitting behind the idiot coming down the on-ramp that thinks the safest speed to join a motorway traveling at 100 is 60-80km/h.

  18. Wasn't your post suggesting someone else overtakes you and then slows down again, whilst Messy's was saying they stick left but go too fast for you to overtake them, and then slow down again

    either way I'm saying +1 on both

    I'm the kind of person who rarely ever overtakes on broken lines, as I'd rather just wait 2km for the overtaking lane

    But this kinda stuff is just unbareable

    I also have one to add
    I'm inpatient but I don't want to overtake you: These are the drivers (usually 4wd's I've found) that will tailgate excessively close to the point where you're always watching the mirrors and afraid to brake, but will never attempt to overtake. Even when there are overtaking lanes to use and you specifically slow down to MAKE them use it, they dont :-s

  19. What? There are other people on the road?
  20. The Late Indicater The driver who is already half way through the lane change or a quarter into the turn before the first flash if the blinker.
    If they cant plan a move like that..................