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Top speed you've reached?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by randy, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Top speed you have ever reached on a bike?
    I hit 205.

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  2. I have been to an "indicated" 255 klm's on the blade
    not too shabby considering I was a little pi$$ed that it wouldnt go faster only to find when i slowed down i was still in 4th gear.
  3. are you now going to tell us that was miles per hour?
  4. bwahahahahahahahahhahahahahah!!! :LOL:

    205??? i wasn't that far off that when i was on the 250! :LOL:

    sorry, that motorcycling GOD thing just went right out the window eh :LOL: you really dont have any idea do you? :wink:
  5. Not really surprised Lurk - I have had my 600 at about the same speed (although it's not easy to look at the speedo), and I can understand how gear changes could quite easily slip your mind at that speed. There's a hell of a lot of other things to worry about.
  6. Oh yeah, sorry it was in the USA.
    205 mph
    About 330 kph
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  7. Got my CB250 up to 120 a few times!! Never thought the little jigger would manage it.

    Lurk, the 'Blade must've been revving its nuts off at 255?
  8. there we go :LOL: :LOL:
  9. wouldnt do it again but got my 1997 yzf-600 up to 240 km/h

    very silly boy
  10. I'm interested - what were you riding at the time?

    Shall I prompt you again and suggest that you were riding a turboed bike? Perhaps a turboed 'busa? Or perhaps you got your hands on a well tuned motoGP bike for a weekend?
  11. Quote Randy "Oh yeah, sorry it was in the USA.
    205 mph
    About 330 kph" Unquote

    If you have done this speed how did you know, was it the bike speedo telling you or did you have an independent source co-orborrate it for you. Just courious.

    Step father of a friend of mine, just pulled 9.4 sec standing quarter on a turbo busa, with more to come.
  12. I got my '83 GPZ 250 to 130 - 135 km/h down the eastern freeway with a tailwind. Maybe going downhill I could have squeezed out another 5 - 10km/h. It was a buzz for me back then when I was on my L's. 8)
  13. However fast Paulh's Hyabusa was going when I was on the back :D

    By myself.. somewhere in the low 200's so far :)
  14. "...but Randy.....you have had all this experiance and you only ever reached 205"

    Lay off the guy - that's quite an achievement on a CT110!
  15. I managed to get my Across up to 145km so far not a bad effort considering my size and the bike. I only slowed because I ran out of room (and was in a 110 zone :roll: )
  16. It wasn't Paul as in "Cappa" Paul was it? Cause the fastest I have been on the back of a bike was on Cappas busa at 270kmph.
    Fastest on my bike is 155kmph.
  17. 103kph, down a hill with a strong tailwind. (hey, I maxed out at 75kph on the same road going the other way...) I was quite surprised to see black space between the 100kph dot and the needle!

    I know, I know... not exactly Warp 3 was it? Oh well, speed records on a bike don't matter to me. So long as I can do the speed limit with a little bit left, I'll be happy (ie: I won't be happy until I get a bigger bike...)
  18. Nope..the elusive Paulh, mostly english..big guy, damn fast and has unique all weather gear :D :roll: :D
    Must be a mad englishman at heart, cos he even let me ride the Busa..and how fun was THAT :D :D :D