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Top speed wildlife close up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ljcoolio, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Yesterday as a fairly fresh newbie I rode from Sydney to Coolamon in the riverina. I decided to take a back road and open her up a bit to maybe post on the top speed thread albeit a conservative number compared to others. Anyway at about 130 near a town called nangus in the middle of the road I saw what I thought was a tree branch. I realized I couldn't stop but there was a couple of feet to the left so no probs I thought I could probably swerve. As I got closer the branch stuck its head up.. A two meter Goanna. Now there was no one for miles but I'm sure people two towns over would have heard my profanity. So I'm not sure if it was the noise of my 659 or my expletive but the Goanna ran to the right instead of the left where I was swerving. My question is with that stroke of luck am I obliged to turn to religion or should I just practice my top speed on better used roads?

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  2. This reminds me of a thread a while ago called ‘Remember me Lord?’. General consensus is that you've had your come to Jesus moment, but there’s no need to convert. Well done for surviving that one. Things on the road are not always what they seem. :happy:

    Remember me Lord?
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  3. I hope you enjoyed yourself in my part of world. Goanna's, snakes, kangaroos, emus, wombats, echidnas etc etc are all par for the course on country roads. If you intend to ride in the country more, get used to it. I treat all 'sticks' as snakes until confirmed not to be.

    Oh and no need to turn to religion. Just thank the road gods the beastie run the other way.

    And for future reference, it's not unusual for the HWY Patrol to be on the Gundagai/Nangus/Junee road. or the Nangus/Wagga road.
  4. As a suggestion, don't hit something like a snake or goanna mid-swerve. If you are going to hit it, make sure you are going straight. It will then be a sticky, unpleasant bump, but is much less likely to end up with you on your side.
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  5. Yep: swerve to miss if possible, but if not possible swerve to go over it at right angles, upright...
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  6. Yep I agree with the straight on approach, had to launch over a freshly downed wombat the other week at 100+, if I had tried to swerve it would have been nasty.

    Reading the title I expected some pics, so here's an unlucky pigeon.
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  7. Thanks for the tips it's a nice part of oz
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  8. Rosellas are scary too!!! 12106955_10208015954340983_7008259143408529024_n.