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Top speed on the CBR125?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Peaches, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I’m curious as to what the top speed of a CBR125 is. Websites show anything from 110km/h to 130km/h. I managed to get Peaches to 130 km/h in 5th but held her there only for a few seconds before I had to back off on the throttle…

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to get their bikes to go any faster, and if so, by how much? Also how did you get it there, in what gear? Will I have to go on a crash diet to get her to go any faster? :?

    Lastly, 6th gear on Peaches seems to be useless. Another girl rider who rides an identical bike to Peaches said the same thing as well. Have we got lemons or do all CBR125s turn to bread and butter pudding in 6th?

    Mods I’ve created this topic here because the 125 is a learner’s bike. If it’s not appropriate please move! Thank ye kindly!

  2. this is a public forum, read by all, i hope all excess speed was done in a suitable place :wink: and fark me....i am not quite sure i would want to be going that fast.....that pretty scare :shock:
  3. Oooooh yes, all the speeding was done in a suitable space. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. But it's only a learner bike, why would you be worried about how fast it can go......:p
  5. Hey Peaches, I would say 130km/h is probably around the top speed, unless you could get a really big hill and a tail wind :) Yes 6th gear is probably a bit overkill on a 125cc bike, I think its something they just threw in so people didn't go "oh its only got 5 gears". I hope piggy didn't get scared going that fast....
  6. I'd guess its top speed is about 120 (actual speed), but indicated.. could probably get it to 135-40 indicated, with you on it.. at a racetrack of course ;)
  7. Peaches,

    I mentioned in another thread that you should look at changing your sprockets. It will give you 6th back and make the bike more responsive in the other gears. It will also put less load on your drive-train.

    Also I'm betting your speedo was 10km/h optimistic. hence the discrepancies between some of the claims
  8. I've reached 165km/h .. advertised max is 190 i think?

    Being scared is nothing to be embarrassed about Stewy,
    Slowly work your way up from say 101km ( on a race track of course), then each lap try increase your speed by 1 km. By the end of the day I'm sure you'll be reaching speeds of up to 130khm/h without having any brown-pants moments. Then, when you feel comfy mate ...
    .. upshift to second gear :LOL:
  9. The restricted learner 125s in the UK would do about a true 100 with their 12 bhp (whatever BS the owners might give :grin: ) so a true 120 km/h is probably about right for a four stroke 125 without the legislative limitation.

    Ultra-sporty 2 strokes can see 160, given a dead flat road, no headwind and a munchkin to ride 'em, but they're a rather different teapot of eels.

    As for 6th gear, small engines don't generally have the torque to take advantage of high gearing. As it stands, it would probably be of use to squeeze the maximum advantage out of downhill stretches or tailwinds. Either don't bother to use it or take ibast's advice and have the overall gearing dropped a little.
  10. Hey guys,

    Thanks. Ibast – I heard that changing the sprockets will damage the bike (not sure how but someone told me that once, uncertain if it’s true though?) Also Jeff was riding beside me and his taco matched mine, he said. And it showed 130?

    Otherwise bummer :(

    Other CBR125 riders – your thoughts? Starlet? Drewzor? Anyone?

    Yes it can be quite scary because I’m tucked underneath the screen and my ears feel as if they’re about to pop. Also redlining Peaches = a lot of petrol used! Bleh. :?

    And no, Piggy doesn’t like it jp86, because she flaps in the wind like no tomorrow. I need to get pig ears for myself and a custom helmet for her – uber cool. But then I can’t decide whether to do that, or to paint one of her ears red and the other blue for décor…
  11. Going too small on your front sprocket can wear your chain out faster. I imagine your front one is already too small so that may well be the case.

    If so you need to go a couple of teeth bigger on the back.

    So long as you don't make it rev too hard you will find it's nicer on the bike because the engine and drive-train is not being laboured too much.
  12. All speedos are out, some more than others. I know dom has to do 130-140 on his speedo to be doing actual 110 (but thats sprocket change as well I think..)

    If you really want to know I'll sit behind you with my mad 99.5+% accurate speedo :grin: although at that CRAAZZY speed don't expect me to stay there long :wink:
  13. Another question - how much would replacing the sprockets cost?

    phizog - Honey, you sure you can keep up with the almight Peaches? :p :p :p
  14. I'll have to borrow a busa to keep up :wink: Volunteers? :LOL:
  15. Got to 135-140ish.. downhill.. freeway.. wind behind me.. :p
  16. I have a 14tooth front sprocket (standard is 15tooth), got it from wemoto in the UK, was like $25 delivered.

    Makes the bike accelerate marginally quicker, 6th becomes more "usable"

    People say that a smaller sprocket increased the angle of attack in relation to the sprocket and chain. How much more wear Im not sure.

    Peaches, check out thewww.cbr125r.ca forums, loads of CBR125 stuff there

  17. EGAD!!! It's like the invasion of the CBR125-ers there. Like a Zerg rush. Thanks Adam, will read it for further info :shock:

    ps nickt- egad! I've now got a new target to meet! 140! Yesssss!
  18. Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
  19. Top speed is a major variable for our 125's peach, headwind, uphill or downhill are major factors to a small engine.. me? I'm 85kg (wieght is also a factor) straight road small tailwind and engine not broken completely in was sitting on 125 @9500rpm in 6th..
    Other times, strong headwind and incline just cannot crack 105k's

    My sprocket arrives soon, and the fact is a 14T sprocket will reduce your top speed but increase torque by 7% for each gear.
    Our bikes have a large jump in gear ratio from 1st to 2nd. One of the benefits of a 14T is that when changing into 2nd it has enough torque to pull second gear harder and this benefit transfers through all the gears to 5th and 6th which gives the bike a stronger feel in 6th.

    Chain wear is a minor issue and honda say that while it is likely it will not damage any components it does void the warranty of any component it is linked too...eg transmittion, chain, rear sprocket etc

    Peaches, are you looking for a higer top end? or just wondering what is the top end?
  20. Haha.. freeway to wollongong.. just past engadine.. be careful :p

    I don't think I hit 140, it was close though. and I weigh 70kg, I'm sure you're much lighter!

    hmm Peaches doing 140.. I remember just a few weeks ago you were trying to change lanes.. /tear

    how they grow up quickly.