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top speed in first gear?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidnsw, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. so today i accidently bounced off the rev limiter in first and looked down at an indicated 165kmh and was curious how tall you guys first gear was?

  2. Thats naughty, and you should never thrash a bike in first gear FFS you idiot!

    Incidentally, zzr250 with stock gearing will hit 60 before it starts bouncing :LOL: :LOL:

    My SV I'm not sure, haven't bounced in first yet but I suspect around 80.

    cbr250rr is about 80 in first.. so I've heard :cool:
  3. was an accident lol was merging onto the highway and a car was coming so i floored it :LOL: still getting used to the R1 after a 650 twin :grin:
  4. must have been a fast car.
  5. 100km/h in 1st. Dam u mr r1 :p
  6. 110 zone.. the twin never took off that hard :bolt:

    *disclaimer* no i dont normally speed on public roads just hit the go juice a bit hard.
  7. we'll call it PISSANTkm/h
  8. bugger , your r1 is guna kill my hyo next sunday lol, no way in hell am i guna keep up with you on the oxley( if its dry)
  9. Never been off the limiter in first but ive had a quick glance to see 160 so anywhere between 160-170.
  10. If it has stock gearing I'd like to see it do 150+ in 1st gear....
  11. i would like to see a 250 do 160-170 in 1st , because if thats the case i might trade in my Hayabusa , because suzuki lied to me .
  12. Around 60. Though i hit the rev limiter all the time, in all different gears. Kind of a side effect of not having a tacho :LOL:
  13. 110 on my Kwaka. Never hit the limiter though, cause at 11,000 rpm my bike sounds like it's about to explode and I think it really means it :)

    And around 130 on a 2001 GSXR1000 accelerating hard going through a tunnel. I'll never forget that sound :nopity:
  14. he actually rides a zx10r :LOL:

    the storm is around about the 100km/h mark
  15. first gear rev limiter - 32km/h in first.

    1150cc, overland gearbox option and 3.0 1100 FD and a 7000rpm redline will do that to a chap.

    I'll challenge any of you to a drag race - but I get to pick where ;)
  16. I change up gears as soon as its doing 3000 revs so I have no idea oscifer :LOL:

    Oh to do any more would be downright dangerous :shock:
  17. :LOL: davo most certainly it would, nothing like testing it out on the factory gtr1400 though :LOL:

    see you lunch time tomorrow :cool:
  18. About 110km/h don't know what the revs were doing but it wasn't maxed out.

    Interesting that a lot of the general discussion has been around "Top Speeds" lately...
  19. he may want to change his signature block
  20. Peak power is achieved at less than full revs on any bike, why would you want to rev it to the limiter unless you are in top gear?

    Oh, and 160kmh in 1st merely shows the inaccuracy of your speedo, rather than the power of your bike. :p