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Top speed ever busted for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Following on from the top speed ever reached thread, what is the top speed you've been caught doing?

    160kmh in 70kmh zone when I was younger in my car.(3mths suspension only back then! :grin: )
    125kmh in 100kmh zone on the bike.

  2. 173.. or was it 177 i don't remember, in a 110 for a 6 month suspension and 6 month ride under pressure training course.
  3. I've been busted.. but not paid anything or served and suspension.. yet :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Pulled for 182 km/h in a 112 zone (in UK). Let off with a "good verbal b*llocking".

    93 in an 80 is my best score in Oz ($150 and my first ever point in 21 years driving/riding).
  5. 80 in a 70 zone - and that was only because I'd sped up to change lanes to avoid the illegally parked car blocking half of the one I was in (and yes that was the car with the camera :mad:).
    Usually I don't have too much trouble spotting cameras well in advance ;).
  6. < 15kays over on the way home from the Netrider BBQ in '06. But if he'd got me a few kilometres earlier, :roll: :LOL:.
  7. I have a mate who got busted,

    If they had got him a few kays earlier - I would have to travel to goulburn to see him,

    No, maybe thats an exaggeration, but he was going a teeny bit faster than what he got done for. :wink:
  8. heh heh, ditto :wink:.

    The cop was a motorcycle policeman, and he DID walk around the bike and observe the non-existent chicken strips, and felt their heat, and he was an older guy, so, yeah, I got a lucky break.
  9. I havent been charged/fined/officially caught. Some coppers got me at the end of my street doin 140 in a 50 zone late at night. But they didnt have me on radar, so they couldnt do shite, and i underplayed the situation and told them i had no idea whow quick i was goin. :grin: . The cop heard me go through 4 gears before he flashed me down.

    The cops were dealing with some young kids muckin around in the school near my place, and thats what saved me.

    And i was sitting 2 inches higher off the seat after that one lol.

  10. Only two fines ever:
    1993 - 76 in a 60(10 metres before the 80 sign)
    1998 - 56 in a 40(it was 100m from my place and they changed the limit from 60 to 40 2 days earlier). I was technically speeding in both cases, regardless of reason of the mitigation so no complaints.
  11. 85Km in an 80Km zone :evil:

    Not even doing anything cool either - just taking the bubble rental car back on Christmas day on Sh!ttylink.
  12. Bugger that, I'd fight that one to the bitter end.

    Suppose in '93 the infringement notice for it would sting a lot less than these days.
  13. got done a few years back for 185 in an 80 zone. Was in a poor state of mind, had just broken up with the mrs, and got enticed in to a race with some bloke in a toyota soarer. Cops pulled him over and i drove off only to find them waiting for me in my driveway when i got home. They told me they got the other guy doing 180 on the radar and in my arrogance i said, thats funny, didnt know radars could get 2 cars at once. His reply, they cant. But we got him at 180 and you were overtaking him. It was a bitter sweet victory.
  14. im currently trying to scale down my charge of "130-140" in 100 zone. dunno whaat i was doing, the speedo light had blown :LOL:
    not on radar, just tailed for a while to calibrate it. anything 134 or below and im almost happy to wear it, the fine changes rather damatically. but it'd be nice if they could be a bit more specific....
  15. 165kmh in an 80kmh zone. Saturday night, around 11pm, 15 odd years ago, coming home from a mates, on Maroonday hwy-Croydon, after Dorset road on that nice long stretch-for those Vic's who know the area. Thought I would give the ol XJ9 bit of a fang. :grin:
    Cop who was tucked away in service road was rather pissed of when he pulled up in front of me in a tyre sceeching halt, lept out of the car, pointed to me and said :evil: turn the bike off. :-s
    I had stopped to get a pizza, realised it was 2 doors down, looked at him, looked at the pizza store, kicked it in gear to park 2 doors down-as I figured I may as well order while he booked me- to which he then pointed at me, and screamed :soapbox: TURN THE F N BIKE OFF NOW :?
    Uh oh me thought. He a tad pissed off. So I turn it off, he comes over to my bike, grabs the key, then says you realise you where doing 165 in an 80kmh zone 8-[ ummm, who me officer, no , surely not :---)
    Then shows me the radar :facepalm:

    By this stage I realise Im more rooted :bannanabutt: than a stump jump plough and its bye bye licence for 12 months time. (Time to get a girlfriend again)
    He wrote in the comments "took 2.5kmh to catch up to assailant" and told me he heard me coming from about a kilometre away. Only reason he caught up was I didnt realise he was there, otherwise I would have, umm [-X carried on my way shall we say :wink:

    Aaaaanyways, that was the 1st time I lost my licence
  16. Ive got done doing 108 in a 80 zone once. Thats the worse ive coped.
  17. what bout the second time? :grin:
  18. :rofl:

    :shock: You lot should be ASHAMED of yourselves [-X
    All this talk of 'breaking the law' 'excessive speeds' is something
    NOT to be proud of.
    If it was up to me you'd all be riding these >> :moped:
    I just cannot believe you guys show a blatant lack of respect for our
    road laws. :deal:


    :rofl: :rofl:

    ok ok so I havent been caught yet, I ride a 250 :oops:
  19. on Feb 4th 1990, I got pulled over for doing 145 in a 60 zone in my car.
    After asking if I had a reason for speeding, the cop let me off with a warning, then followed me to my mates house to ensure I got there in one piece.
  20. i have never been pulled over/booked/caught on my motorcycle for exceeding the speed limit.

    last time I was caught speeding in my car, was about 12-13 years ago doing 70 in a 60 zone.

    which is wierd since i regularly do 10-20kms over the limit on my daily commute in some sections.

    and let's not mention the speed limit on Delamere road shall we?

    I guess since then I pay more attention to side streets/bushes/etc & known red light & speed camera locations :LOL: