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NSW Top speed at Sydney Motorsport Park?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by wanshun1566, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. I will be passing my MOST shortly and taking my Ninja 300 to a ride day at sydney motorsport park (in the beginners group obviously). Just wondering is the straight at the track long enough to take a bike like that close to its top speed (for the Ninja 300 around 180km/h)?

  2. I managed to hit the rev limiter on my Duke 390 (177-178kmph indicated) at the 500m mark. As long as you have some semi decent corner speed onto the straight you should be able to max it out.

    Don't forget to NOT brake for turn 1....:cool:
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  3. Took the Ninja 300 when I had it. Got 177 before coming up to turn 1, could push to 180 but balls weren't big enough. And yeah as GeorgeOGeorgeO said, don't bother with braking just slightly roll off the throttle and tip her in.
  4. Interesting question and to answer it, yeah you probably could IF you come out of the last corner properly with good corner speed, which is what I think you should focus on rather than a top speed down the straight. I reckon the tracks a great place to learn to ride a bike but it probably would've been better if you did some advanced training first and then hit the track.
    Good luck anyway, no doubt you will have a blast.
    What date are you booked in for? There are a few of us that are gonna be there on the 24th of July.
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  5. If you have not booked in a date yet - please consider doing a Toprider Coach and Setup day on the South Circuit at Eastern Creek. Will cost you the same, but you get an instructor following you, some personalised coaching, pictures taken every session with a photo analyses session after each track session.

    Well worth $279. Best money you could spend if you don't want to do advanced rider course.

    Also, the small circuit is much more suitable for a 300 than the Gardner circuit anyway.
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  6. I only ever got my ninja 300 up to 180 on a looong down hill stretch of....ahh.....racetrack.
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  7. This sounds interesting.....very interesting indeed.
  8. Seriously - book yourself in for the Advanced 1 course AND the Coach and setup track day. I think the whole deal is around the $550 mark.

    We had three instructors for 15 people on the Advanced course(was held on the Sydney drag strip and parking area in front of it) - next day was awesome since they can give you even better targeted advice based on the previous day.

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  9. might pop over and see you guys on 24th as I'll be there 25th and 26th doing CSS - should get me in the mood
  10. Yeah mate, pop down and have a sticky beak. Its good fun, and if the factory race teams are testing, the red group will blow your mind
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  11. I had my old busa up to 280 down the straight, that was fun!
  12. I've signed up for this on the 5th August, looking forward to it (also going to the normal track day on the 10th).
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  13. I had to laugh and you will too.

    after I did CSS last week a few riding and non-riding friends asked me 'how fast did you go down the straight, 160, 180?'

    please biatches, considerably in excess of that, flash them a disgusted look and of course the obligatory implied facepalm

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  14. here's a sample of what to expect on a 250 at EC, lots of fun!