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Top shop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by samnoise, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to give props to Sam Speers of Speers automotive down in richmond for his approach and great work on my bike this week.

  2. Just bumping this, Sam is local to me and I visit him quite a lot. Sometimes for chit chat about bikes, sometimes for him to do cosmetic fixes/changes and stuff. Great bloke, knows his stuff and has a great workshop. He is currently just getting (expensive :roll: ) renovations to his shop due to businesses complaining about his dyno runs so a soundproof room (complete with roof and ground sound proofing) is getting built as to please the neighbours. Too bad they wouldn't be putting any $$ to help pay for the expenses I bet that totally benefits them. Oh well, what happens is what happens in this sometimes crazy world. Anyway, anyone 'round the CBD, Richmond area would like work done by someone who knows their stuff, visit Sam at his shop. Check out http://www.speerperformance.com.au/ .

    Just a *bump* for a person who cares about bikes and stuff :)
  3. Im actually looking at getting the bike remapped and dyno'd. So was after a list of decent bike shops with dyno's, and with a operator who also knows what they are doing......so great thread!!

    Even better that this is literally round the corner from my missus place!

    Does Sam use tuneboy or Powercommander do you know?
  4. Sam uses Powercommander but used my Tuneboy to make a map (that people download and like :D on another forum) for my 675 :grin: Mention NetRider for a discount as well!


    He is currently getting a soundproof room made up (cause of complaints) so not exactly sure if he can do a dyno run in the next 1-2 weeks, best to call :) Also, let me know and if you booked in when I'm free, I'll come down and say hi