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Top Rider at Marulan or California Superbike School at EC?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hi peeps,

    Just wanted your thoughts on these schools, whats their strengths and weaknesses.

    Beginning of next year im hoping to get one of these courses under my belt. Ive had great reviews from everyone, though but as the case with everything......................there can only be one.

    Having spoken with Bernie Hatton from Top Rider yesterday, he seemed like a really genuine, knowledgeable and nice bloke............walking us around the track and showing us the surfaces etc. From what he told me one of the benefits of Top Rider is the smaller groups.

    Ive also talk to many riders in EC who would vouch for CSS. For me ECC is not only closer but also a top track, CSS is also a shade cheaper.

    So what are your experiences with either courses and which is better value for money?
  2. sorry for the off topic:

    marulan? did they build a new track???
  3.  Top
  4. Bernie's a good bloke. He can steer a little bit too.
  5. i know of the track, but i thought they tore it down to build more houses.
    or am i thinking of somewhere else???
  6. You are thinking about Oran Park.
  7. I think your thinking of Oran park 160 odd KM's away.....

    How much doe's toprider want Mal???more than CSS:-s
  8. I think it was a shade over $500, dont quote me on that though. The thing that got me was the far smaller class sizes. Even the track day only had a handful of guys. It was a really relaxed mood/place.........I actually liked it allot. Too bad they cancelled it coz of rain.

    One thing too, the amount of rain last Sunday wasnt as much, if that was EC they would have run it all the way through. There wasnt any standing water or creeks running across the track..............Full 100% discount for the next ride day as well which knocked my socks off :)