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top ride conditions (qld)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pragnasty, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. did anyone commute 2day to work???
    i left from ormeau to robina in the largest rainstorm ever!!!
    absolutely soaked even through my wet weather gear, gloves sopping wet!!!

    im not complaining i think its good to ride in different conditons out of you comfort zone, and boy was i out of it.
    i had a bout -20m visibilty.
    cars were lying spun out in ditches heading southbound from nerang, i got absolutely bowled over from a wave of water a 4wd flicked up at me, and filtered from nerang to robina in an absolute chaos of a traffic jam..

    they said sunny conditions tommorow
    what a let down :LOL: !!!

    ps:(when i refueled at the servo after dumping about 7litres of water off me when i got off the bike, it was nice to hear from a cager," take it easy out there mate" :) :)

  2. i grovelled and got a lift to work today :)

    I have the full wet outfit, i just couldn't be bothered :D
  3. wooops my bad.... TOPIC MERGED lol :LOL:

    but you didnt go for a ride dan!!!!!
  4. no you got me there - I was literally 30 seconds away from going out the door when I got the call - lucky me.

    I had packed two towels and sealed my work clothes in a plastic bag - I knew I'd have a litre of water in the bag when I stopped.

    props to you for getting out there today dude!