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Top reviews

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FALCON-LORD, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. When I read/watch/listen to a review of something it becomes apparent that there is more to a top review than just getting the details right.

    The review has to have character, and preferably it has to display the character of what it is reviewing.

    Watch an episode of top gear and you start to understand what I am talking about.

    We have some top reviewers here at netrider, and some of there reviews are worth the read even if you don't care about the particular bike they are reviewing just because they have so much character.

    It would be nice to have a sticky thread for people to nominate top reviews. so that they will never go missing and will always be here for people to enjoy.

    Please don't start posting your own reviews to this thread, but allow that someone other than the author should nominate the piece as a "Top Review"

    The reviews that got me thinking about sugesting this thread are the following

    Loz and His spin on a Buell XB9S (Absolutly Piss Funny review)

    Stack Munkey on the Loaner 916 (This is an O.K. review)

    Stack Munkey and his 996 Review (Gives a fantastic understanding of the "personality" of the bike)

    Josh's 3 Bike review,Daytona 675 v Honda CBR600RR V Suzuki GSX-R 750 (Bit of a vanila writing style, but you get a feel for the bikes)

    Roarin's review on KTM Supermoto 625 SMC and the bike that it came from (It makes you quiver just reading it)

    Koma's review of the DRZ400 Motard & the GSXR750

    CJ's New Aprilia RSV Tuono 1000R (It was not writen as a review, but tells you about his feelings on the bike)

    kuang7's 4 *600cc Roundup (675, R6, ZX6R & GSXR600) it's a vanila writeup but good for the P plater about to upgrade.

    fred_kroft's reviews of the Yamaha FZ1S & FZ1N, BMW K1200R, Honda Hornet 900, & KTM 990 Superduke. It is all prety Vanilla except he has found a great review of the duke that he has quoted (Apparently it is something of a wild ride)

    Loz's Hornet 900 obituary:

    VTRElmarco had something to say on the VFR800 A Little bit of colour A lot of info.

    Dyago found a Tuono (This one is M rated)

    Loz's Impresion or Rorins VFR 400 (Sounds like a fun little B!tch of a bike)

    donnie_st has the first words on the 07 Triumph Sprint ST (Mild review, but he has teh first word on it)

    I got out on an 03 R6, it was my first 600 experiance.

    Loz took MG's ZX10 For a spin up the Spur, and this is what he thought

    Titus' Test ride Orgy (He takes the flavor of a Speed Triple, 675, SuperDuke And Tuono and lays it allllll out for you to see)

    [FLUX] Bought a 675 Here is what he had to say.

    asho101 took a 99 R1 for a spin (Sounds like it was in good shape for an old timer)

    Shambles Bought a K7 GSXR, Bamm Bamm took it for a ride (This is what he had to say)

    Bamm bamm Took an 05 Super Duke for a Spin.

    Nuff took out the 675, the 07 600RR And the 08 R6, (You have heard a lot about the 675 already but it's the first words on the 08 R6)

    2wheelsagain bought a bandit 1250 (Bit Vanila but a good understanding of all the Pro's and Con's of the big Tourer.)

    Grungnut was looking for a comfortable bike with some spirit, he ended up with a GSX1400, this is his storey of what it took to get there.

    PatB has fond memories of his first Honda C90 here is a trip down his memory lane.

    Iondah took an FZ6 and a RS 955I for a spin, his thoughts are here (Been a while since we have had a review with this much flavour is a very fun review)

    Someone leveradged Roarin off one of his small capacity twisty eaters and onto an SV1000. here is his writeup

    VTRElmarco had a bit of a blast on a 900Hornbag.
    He has non of the reverence and history that Loz has for the bike. So is a little more "Brutal" in his descriptions

    Sleddogs Review on teh GSX600F, vanila Review Vanila bike, but looks like it could be a good Middleweight Sports tourer.

    A Year on and Deyago tells us about his Tuono (The Man Bike) (He gets a little poetic and tery eyed I think he really likes that bike)

    Chairmans 1000km Review of the 750 Brutal. (I don't think you actually learn much about the bike in this review but it is an absolute RIOT!)

    Azi has a word on his 82 Katana I remember as a kid thinking these things were HOT… now I am thinking there time is past But obviously not without a bit of fun to be had

    Spots has bedded down his new Tiger. (Great info, very thorough look at this 1050 pussy cat)

    What's with this... months of Nothing then the reviews start piling in...
    titus bought a KTM Supermoto 950 took it for a spin, and stopped drooling enough (statment on the bike not an attack on titus) to write something on the subject

    Bravus’s Words on the Bandit 1200S (A bit of a vanilla review, but covers a lot on power pilioning and functionality, read further down for other peoples reviews on handling)

    Dougz thoughts on his 07 CBR 600RR (Vanila report but a bike that has peoples attention (Not as much as a 675 but you get that))

    I'll throw my review of Dougz bike in for a diferent perspective

    peter-reebok - M109 after 6 months.

    Chairman has Longer Lasting Sachs.

    TST675's Take on 4, 3 or 2 cylinders in a Middlewight naked?

    Flux waxes Lyrical on the Triumph Street Triple

    VTRElMarco takes a Hypermotard and Duke 990 out for a blat.

    ~DadAgain~ took a CBR 600 RR Out for a spin (I think he was impressed)

    slik50's Noob review of the GS500

    Rashpocket Bought an RS125, and had this to say on the subject

    lucb makes the Decision Speed 1050 or Street 675

    Bravus takes the R1's Grandfather out as a Loaner (Ride Impression YZF1000R Thunderace)

    PatB's transcontinental Ural capers has go to rate too.

    Tiff Has the first words on the BMW S1000RR (sounds like it is a bike for all seasons, as long as they are fast)

    Don't Knock it till you try it!
    WPSPT Took a Virago out for a Ride, We all know the bike, but hey someone has a new word on an old workhorse
  2. I can't be stuffed searching for it right now but I wanna nominate one of Roarin's off-road ride reports for all-star status.

    If I wasn't still rocking back and forth in the corner muttering gibberish to myself, I'd try to put together a review of the KX500 I was on yesterday - but as a total dirtbike nufty I don't feel I'm qualified.
  3. any reviews on the 06 gs500f?
  4. one of the bike mags out at the moment has a review of the 2007 GS500F which is pretty much the same bike as the 2006 version.... it that helps :cool: can't remember which mag it is now but its on page 30 :p
  5. ditto

    might be buying one this weekend.
  6. Could we keep this thread to nominating threads, not requesting them.
  7. That's the one all right! Woohoo!
  8. Once nominated, we'll shift them to the products review section.

  9. Sorry mate, I thought i had included that one.
    I have put it in it's chronolicly corect position in the mix. this is the second request I have had for a review to be added... I'd like to add my 03 R6 review, but feel it would be inappropriate for me to self nominate...
  10. OK consider yourself nominated! :LOL:

    Good read and perspective from a 2fiddy upgrader IMO.
  11. Finaly someone nominatesa review... I was about to put it in my wrapup any way. Great minds or fools... you know the story