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Top Gear to fall under Equality Bill...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. in a wonderful announcement by the BBC, popular boy-racer TV show Top Gear may be forced to hire new presenters as part of a government push to make the show more gender and ethnically balanced.

    This week the Equality Bill was introduced into Britain which encourages employers to take "positive action" to widen diversity in the public sector workforce.

    as soon as I read this I laughed,"" "Dr Louise Livesey, tutor in sociology and women's studies at Oxford, accused Top Gear of "entrenched, institutional sexism" ""

    sociologists! aaaagh, gotta love those people... :LOL:

    what does this mean? they have to hire an asian lesbian female muslim/buddhist presenter to round out the show?

    I am looking forward to Oprah being joined by Sam Newman or Kekovich on her show :LOL:
  2. Top gear with a chick
    "This car is great, beleive me I have a great rack"
  3. Could always try and drag Sabine back. She was a character.
    Fifth gear have a woman.

    Feminists annoy me. It shouldnt be about whether its a man or a woman (or black/white/red/grey/green/yellow/indigo or magenta skin for that matter), it should be the right bloody person for the job. And I dont think anyone can dispute the success of the show with those 3 at the helm.
  4. The Top Gear line-up will only change when Jeremy retires, or one of them dies.

    Dr Louise FeminaziSlapper's feelings aren't worth a hoot next to the billions of pounds involved in the success of that show, largely due to it's characters.
  5. True, hopefully, but having Sabine on the show would rock. For starters she's faster than Jeremy and the other two by a big margin and secondly she's a German. A fast, hot, German woman - you can almost hear the small-minded among the British public imploding at the idea. Achtung!
  6. ok how about this...

    They could get Germaine Greer to re-enact the destruction of the Hilux and with any luck her destruction too - entertainment in true Top Gear style as well as a community service by getting rid of the feral woman.

    It just works on so many levels... :twisted:
  7. wonder if they'll chuck a wig on james morrison over here..its TV for FFS. shall we complain that there are too many female presenters on the box ?
  8. I could imagine them mentioning that they have been told to have a female cast member and bring out a blow up doll
  9. I enjoy Vicki Butler-Henderson on 5th Gear. Always makes me laugh when she has a giggle as she power slides some expensive car on track. And she rides a bike.

    Can't imagine any TV program would force an unsuitable person on any show for PC. :roll:
  10. :LOL:
    or a blow up female stig.. might be in pink
  11. "today on the track, stig is taking his wife for a drive, and is drowning her out with Bach"
  12. or they would show him dropping her off at the shops to 'pick up a few things' and then stiggy brings it in hanging out through the gates to the track..
    i guess we are starting to offend some people so best stop here.. :LOL:
  13. You're right, it's not pc
  14. well i would like to say that why cant we have freedom of speach and opinion ?. as maybe thats what they would do. and high heals are no good for floor carpet
  15. so the woman can try which car has the best transmission
  16. It seems sometimes they want equality but just in their favour.
  17. radical fems should never utter the word equality, they are just sexist chauvinists, with a few on reality slightly more warped than creationists.

    why do governments, especially britain, keep rolling over and pandering to their every whim?

    3 plucky brit lads is part of the whole charm of the show, they change that they are going to ruin the show.

    im sure the Equality Bill has nothing to do with equality
  18. geeth its a topic that could just go on for so long and being someone who has dealt with this on a much higher level than a bike forum i dont see an answer of true equality for some time..
    it is very hard for males and females to truely understand the mental and physical difference we all have..
    now... where is that wooden club.. i go find woman...ugh ugh
  19. We have a winner! :LOL:

    All for equality, but moreso for selection based on merit!
    (Seems the most un-pc thing you can be is a white 18-45 male!)