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Top Gear - koenigsegg ccx

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gsxr1000, May 10, 2006.

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  3. I think I wet myself .......do you think they'll do a group discount ???
  4. ".... if you over step the mark it will kill you" wow that sounds strangley familiar hey guy's...

    I SO SOS OS SOS OS SOSOOSS want one!!!!!
  5. Could I grab one and one for the missus...
  6. Dont you just love Top Gear reviews, man what a car 800 bhp Woohoo! :grin:
  7. "This is even faster and still very hard to drive.....koenigsegg says this car is more comfortable.....more comfortable then what?? Being stabbed"

    :rofl: I LOVE his way with words.

    GOD i want one of those babies!!!
  8. Now now boys and girls, the car we REALLY want is the Bugatti Veyron:


    Design principle:
    Apparently costs VW about 5 million pounds to make each one, and when run at top speed will empty a 100L fuel tank in 12 minutes.... Well worth viewing the top gear episode..
  9. Finally, someone with taste in performance cars :wink:

    How can you look past a car with a W16 engine and 4 turbos? :LOL:
  10. The juice is in the details... the indicator stalks are magnesium and priced at 4500 pounds EACH. The monster has 10 radiators :shock:

    Just to give you a feel of how fast this thing is, the previous "worlds fastest" was generally acknowledged as the Maclaren F1.

    If you drag race a Maclaren F1 and a Bugatti Veyron to 200mph, you can let the Maclaren go until it hits 120mph and still win in the Veyron... now thats FAST!

    Now if only they could cut a deal on the price for us mere mortals...
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    Ohh.... its a car..... :(

  12. love top gear hehe, that was a very very nice machine!
  13. I watched that ep the other night.
    Absolutely LOVE Top Gear!
    That CCX is awesome!
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    sorry dude for putting this post in the wrong area......

    ****MODS**** please delete this post cos I stu##ed up and its not about bikes.... :facepalm:
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Nah she's right :shock: if its a vid i am happy for it to stay :wink:

    and I want of of those beasties :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
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    And this is about bikes right?
    or this one?
    And this one surly must be...
    Now... Back to the cars...

    koenigsegg ccx 4.7 leter 800-900 BHP
    Bugatti Veyron 7.9 Leter 1000 BHP.

    The Bugatti engine design is prety piss poor.
  17. I find that almost impossible to believe. :shock: What are your sources?

    Edit - No, Clarkson isn't a source worth citing. :)
  18. I'm not sure of the source, but I've heard that cited too.
  19. All of Lotus7 info on the Veyron came straight out of the top gear episode that they ran of the bugatti veyron. The quotes came straight from the mouth on Jeremy Clarkson as he talked about the veyron on the show. I know this because i watched the epidsode yesterday after reading about it, and yes it is all true.

    Click Here for the Google Video Version (59min 19 secs)