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Top Gear Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Sirian Sun, May 20, 2009.

  1. Do you love it or hate it?

    I watched it Monday night and didnt really rate it. Have you watched it? What do you think of the presenters?
  2. Didn't watch it!! Nothing will beat the Pommie version! :p
  3. Utter, utter waste of time. I refuse to watch it - what a joke of a pale imitation of a great programme.

    Graham :shock:
  4. It was a waste... the presenters have as much spark as a piece of wet cardboard.
  5. Comparing it to the original is like comparing sheep turds to Malteasers, they might look vaguely similar from a distance but that is where the similarities end.
  6. It sucks, even without comparing it to the original it's just boring.

    The hosts don't 'click' with each other and seem to be trying to be hard. I think they are just not right for the type of show.
  7. Not a patch on the Pommie original.

    The car reviews are OK, but when they try and emulate the Top Gear "Challenges" it all falls flat.
  8. I like it.

    It's grown on me.

    The problem is that our version doesn't have recognisable larrikins. The pommy guys have their own profile and character seperate from the show.

    Adding James Morrison was a master stroke.
  9. James Morrison is cool, he is funny without trying.

    So who would be a better choice for presenter?
  10. Yeah, but he needs to learn how to end a song in a reasonable time frame and avoid Parisian baths whilst completely out of his head.
  11. Barry Sheen would have been fab at it!!...but alas he is no longer with us :(

    Wayne Gardner??...nah!!...he was a pain on one of them in yer face big brother type progs :roll:

    Hmmmm, thinking maybe Billy Connerly?? :)
  12. Merrick & Rosso would be hilarious - and they can sure come up with some crazy 'challanges' lol
  13. It's meh.

    I agree though, adding James Morrison was a good idea. I can almost what an entire episode now!

    It's like watching '5th Gear'. Yeah....I see what you're doing...but....no.

    Edit: <----- ooooh look, that was my "1098" post. Hmmmm, that's a weird sign, considering I am getting off my restrictions on the weekend. I'll get a screen grab and show the wife and see if that puppy has legs :wink:
  14. don't watch it.

    'the c word' with Deiter Kahsnitz is where they should have focused the money they seem to be pissing away.
  15. The Carmods guys (frequently on here) are far more entertaining than TGA, even with (or perhaps because of) next to no budget.

    I don't blame the presenters necessarily. TGA is produced with a large injection of public money, and in this country that means it's not allowed to offended so much as a differently-abled, intellectually challenged, colour-blind titmouse. Or should that be Mammaryglandmouse? They can't push the boundaries or show any imagination, daring or personality. By Law.

    It's not even SBS particularly, it's just the namby pamby, humourless politically correct, fun-hating country we live in. Can you imagine anyone here getting away with the stuff the UK TG does without having their funding cut?
  16. TGUK is also funded by public money with all the strings that that implies...

    But I think they get away with it because it's actually funny...
  17. I think the thing that annoys me most about it is the fact that they have tried to emulate the UK version almost exactly.

    The studio, the stig, the challenges, the seats, the lap time thing - absolutely everything has been lifted from the original and then re-done. Badly.

    What a missed opportunity to take the top gear name and do something different with it. Even if only slightly different. Something original.

    I'd rather watch 4 year old repeats of the UK version thanks...

    Graham :grin:
  18. Northerner, the identicalness is not Australia's doing. That's TGUK's doing. It's a franchise.
  19. You know what? If the whole thing was produced in the Northern Territory it might actually have some flavour :wink:
    It would look better, have more room to move, and probably appeal to overseas viewers more, too.
  20. So why do it then I can understand it if you don't speak English... But if you do then just make an irreverent Car show and save the licensing fees...