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Top Gear Aus S3. Anyone watch it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Just downloaded it for lack of anything else to watch and waddya know, I've actually been enjoying it. The concept of using Australian humour, original ideas and a group of larrikins actually seems to benefit the show. Who would have guessed?

    I have a feeling the two new guys are motoring journo's but I'm yet to cross reference them with magazine articles. Certainly they can drive to a reasonable degree of skill.

    give it the rest of the season, and I might even make up my mind if I enjoy the Aus version over the brits - the script writers have given it a breath of fresh air that top gear needs, something a bit different. Certainly, the subtle way of explaining the manikin shattering was borderline hilarious.
  2. I'd like to know what happened to S3 E4 as I was there, Jimmy barnes was the special guest and channel 9 only showed the first 3 episodes
  3. Goz change you avatar, I'm having trouble masturbating with her staring at me.
  4. Yeah, I was kinda surprised/disappointed with the third season. For the most part they seemed to have the humour, cameraderie, relevance, everything going for it (though I do wish they'd get rid of that I'm A Famous Cricketer And So I Can Review Cars segment). Everything was going pretty good... and then... silence.
  5. I cant stand warne, but nine will be nine.

    The ratings by the third show had slipped dramatically, but it was a brand new show and expecting it to be a Top Gear type hit in half an hour is stupid. Having said that, they got on the wagon way to late, the show peaked in series' 6 - 8.