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Top end rebuild? I hope not.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by port80, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. So I took my Spada in for a 32,500km service, having taken it to the same place I did 4,000kms ago (City West Yamaha - Werribee). I bought the Spada second hand (from Geoff Taylor's) with 24,500kms on it and have had no issues with it since, but I have read here on NR that they like to be serviced regularly, so I decided 4,000km services would be a good idea.

    As per last time I walked in and my bike was ready and waiting, I asked how the service went and they said 'good, but...'. Uh oh I thought. They explained that it had used one litre of oil since the last service and that this wasn't a good thing. They then went on to explain that it shouldn't be a major drama, but keep an eye on the oil level. I asked what would cause this and was told it was wear and tear and typical of this type of grey import. I don't think they were tying to get money out of me as they told me that if it got worse and it needed a top end rebuild that they couldn't do the work, a Honda dealer would need to. Besides they seem to be pretty honest with all the other work they have done.

    So who can help me here with costs or what to look for over time. How much might this work cost? Anyone wanna swap for a 600 Hornet in excellent condition?

  2. Mate, it's only a 250 thankfully :grin: Use it and keep the oil level, fill in if required and when the time comes sell it for upgrade :)
  3. I wish I could do that, however I feel I will do too many km's. For example I do about 2000km's a month (little more/less averaged over the last few months) and I have at least 12 months left on it. I'm not allowed to do my P's test for a while so that could easily be 14 months before I get to upgrade :mad:
  4. I just had the cam chains and tensioners skids done on mine and it cost me $1000, these bikes are not cheap to have work done... Finding another engine is like looking for hens teeth, (I tried as another option to the cam chains) not good im afraid...
  5. Glad I only invested four grand in a 250. If it lasts another 12 months and I can't sell it it's still good value.
  6. So it may need some oversized piston rings and some new valve stem seals.

    We have a dyno day coming up in early may at dynoverks, perhaps ask James what you may need to correct the problem?
  7. VTs are actually notorious for needing top end rebuilds at about the mileage you have up (they are a bike that needs expensive oil, regularly). Try a heavier oil in the meantime, as long as the gearbox action is still acceptable. A compression test, assuming you can find the data for the base test reading, will confirm the problem.
  8. I have just done the top end November 2005
    and Feb to mid March 2006 done the bottom end

    it would have been cheaper to buy a new motor
    it is only a single cylinder 250
    the parts are all brand new and took weeks to aquire

    i have just done over 1000klm in the last week on it

    i paid $2,500 for it in june last year and have also replaced diaphrams and a new bettery ect i have spent Well over $2,500 on it in the last 9 mths and i want to upgrade to a bigger bike

    it is now for sale for $2,500 NO RWC
    it is reg'd to end of June 2006
  9. Just got the Spada back from a service, in particular I was interested to check how they went with the oil. They said the oil level was about right, meaning it had only used the 200ml I added between services. So I'm pretty happy about this :grin: