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VIC Top cop caught speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. We'll find you, and we'll catch you before someone gets hurt.

    You fcuking twat!

  2. Riddle me this. You can't become a cop if you have a record. Being charged for speeding means you have a record, does it not? Why is he still a cop?
  3. Do you really believe that Ken? Or are you just trying to save face? When you go ten k's over the speed limit, do your tyres really change direction to point you at the nearest tree and your stearing locks and brakes fail so that you can't avoid it?

    I must be lucky I dont drive a Hyundai.

    They are probably the three stupidest lines that have ever come out of his mouth. I hope this article makes front page of the newspapers. Paste his mug all over it as well. Let everyone laugh at the donkey.

    Driving record and criminal record are two very different things.
  4. Unfortunately........................
  5. hey mate, can you post a link to that? cheers
    edit: found it

    Also, are you saying that to become a cop you need a clean driving record as well?
  6. Ken, it's not the last 10kmh that will kill you, but the first 70. What an absolute cock and drama queen.

    Have you heard this man speak? How on earth did he get to where he is today? And what qualifies HIM as a top traffic cop? Did he spend 25yrs in traffic or was he just promoted there?
  7. No you don't need a clean driving record to become a cop. I believe you don't even necessarily need a clean criminal record, although of course it would depend on what it was for. What you need to show is that you have learnt from your mistakes in the past and have moved on to become a better person.
  8. lol

    I had a good laugh when I saw the article. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.
  9. what a face saving article....wonder if he could say that live on tv without cracking up laughing, because surely nobody can be that stupid and believe that dribble
  10. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    Oh man, you have made my day!
    Talk about being hoisted on his own petard.

    Go on Ken, fall on your sword... you killer.
  11. For what its worth Ken is beholden to preach the "speed message" by the TAC, with whom VicPol have a partnership.

    This partnership forces Ken to push the official TAC line.

    Interestingly, motorcycles recorded a 14% reduction in the road toll in 2009, when car divers recorded a 10% increase. The lowest road toll on record can actually be attributed to us riders. Ken has worked closely with MRA since taking over his job, and has made sure that the Motorcycle Community Policing and Education project has been implemented properly - with rider input from MRA and VMAC. But, he isn't allowed to talk about it publicly. Why? Because its "good news" and TAC have a policy not to promote good news when it comes to the Road Toll.

    Ken is not the first cop to ever be caught out. Having got to know him, I feel sorry for the flack he is getting. But, IMHO I think that the TAC deserves a serve over this as well, because it exposes their strategy......
  12. nrlay.
  13. Reality & the TAC are definitely on different wavelengths, as has just been publicly proven. From now on I will never another word from this mans mouth, let alone any from the TAC or Vicpol.

    Oh, wait, I already don't :rofl:

    Honestly, he's lucky he didn't kill someone, they should impound his car & crush it into a small cube! Jail time should also be on the cards for such a ruthless unrelenting criminal.
  14. I'll go into bat for Ken here as well. I've come to know him since he was appointed to VMAC.

    He considered it an important enough group to require senior police representation - the jump from having an Inspector as the police rep to an Assistant Commissioner has made a big difference.

    Coming into Traffic as he did meant that he came in without the prejudices that many traffic cops have. He strongly supported the Community Policing and Education Program and didn't see motorcycles as just a problem. I would say that he's actually pro-motorcycle if anything.

    Basically I think the best description of him is an old fashioned one. He's an "honourable" man in the best sense of the word. My impression is that he would be extremely upset by this minor speeding offence - and it is pretty damn minor. Not because he ws caught but because he is the sort of person who genuinely believes that he should be setting an example and that he has let people down by speeding. Not by being caught, but by the act itself.

    Given his driving record, he would quite justified of taking advantage of the write in and ask to be let off opportunity that is available to those with a clean driving record. I'll guarantee that it wouldn't even occur to him to do so.
  15. Mybe he's okay behind the scenes, but he's the public face of a cynical regulatory regime. As the saying goes, if you take the king's shilling...
  16. That's a fair call. And if it were you, then how would you feel????

    I think the sooner VicPol removes their association with TAC the better....... They are the ones who have made him the face of their current campaign. By virtue of his position, he now has t wear the flak. Knowing the man as I do, I know that he will cope with it and let it pass through to the keeper.

    If anyone agrees with me - then why don't we take it up as a public campaign and write to the media...?
  17. JD & TonyE, not to belittle the guy, I'm sure he's is doing a great job at what would be a very difficult task, but this exposes the "speed kills" BS for what it is, any intelligent person will know that he was in absolutely no danger of being killed despite him saying exactly that.

    Sure, from the TAC figures, 10km/h hour over the speed limit doubles your chances of getting killed, but 2 x times a statistically inconsequential number is still inconsequential.
  18. That's your answer to everything :roll:
  19. I agree you are absolutely 100% correct. And this is exactly why we should also be battering the TAC. They made Ken their Public Face - they deserve to cop the blame and the flack as well - not just Ken.

    FFS - just look at all the AFL Clubs who have fallen by the wayside through their association with the TAC - Ken is just another pawn.....
  20. Yes it is - because I know that it works and that if a letter get's published that it gets read by the people who need to hear it.

    That then has a knock on effect.

    May seem minor to you and others - but, it is a great place to start....... When it then becomes a Public issue - then groups like the MRA get called upon for comment - and even people like you Smee can call in to the media a have your say.....
  21. Lay says the system worked etc.
    Exactly how did the speed camera stop him from drifting into a tree? Did it magically steer for him?