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top box

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ricki38, May 3, 2007.

  1. hi i have just bought an oz trike but their top boxes or boots are to amall as i want to get one bigger to modify for my 22ckilo dog to ride in with a harnes mount trouble is i cant find anywhere that ahs a large range for me to look at other wise ill have to have a custom fibroglass one built any ideas guy s

  2. My suggestion is use commas and full stops. Makes reading heaps easier. :grin:

    I think you will have to get one made or modified to do what you want. I just cant think of any off the shelf boxes that are going to be big enough.
  3. :worthlesspics: :worthlesspics:

    That might help
  4. Use a milk crate, 20,000 Aussie farmers can't all be wrong...
  5. commers and full stops

    i didnt use them because most forums dont exept them , now that i now as its my first fricken time on this site ill be sure to keep you sleeping well at night , what are you an edicate teacher madam ?
  6. lol don't worry about them, i am usually a non punctuation user myself.
    anyway i think you will find the top boxes that are built for the oz trike are the largest commercially available top there is, next is the 87-97 goldwing top box

    you will need to custom make one sorry
  7. Re: commers and full stops

    Dude chill, I would love to see your trike and welcome you to the forum. I guess it's just hard to work out what you want when we don't know what you have!
  8. Re: commers and full stops

    he said a oztrike, they are all very similar in design check this site out www.oztrikes.com.au
  9. I don't think you're going to get a bigger motorcycle top-bx than the one pictured on that site, ricki. You may have to get one custom-made.
  10. thankyou

    thanks guys i apreciate your help