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Top Box

Discussion in 'Luggage' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi folks, I thought I'd write up quickly about a new top box I got for my bike.
    I bought this item from here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/320818491917?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 so yes an ebay buy, mob's in Sydney!!
    I wanst too happy with the dririder bag I had, even though I reckon the bag might hold more. OK, the plus for the top box, minutes to install!! No bull!!
    Plastic and the lip setup makes it waterproof! The bike gets covered each night, and when peeling the cover off I have noticed some of the fluffy liner gets caught on the red reflector edges, pain in the butt but live with it.
    Plastic is not as thick as the givi box stuff, then again, check the price difference!! Practicality wise I believe this is a good buy, I am thinking of having the rack pipe I removed welded to some brackets so that I can use both items at the same time if looking at 'overniting' in future, would mean about 100 ltr capacity..
    the top bow is light weight, totall hollow inside as opposed to Givi having a recess for the catch..
    will post a pic of the bike with top box on in minute

    http://www.gotrage.net/gallery/inde...--Black-Dog-Charity-Ride---Melbourne/IMG_8912 here's the pic pf the bike with the top box on it, yeah yeah I look like a dick!! I know ha ha but trying to be visible to the numb nuts in cars is a tough gig. :)

  2. Goddie

    Keep an eye on all the mounting bits after a descent ride..
    These things have know to come off and I've personally seen a couple roll down the road....
    My top box was coming loose so I've just permanently attached it and the bottom fitting plate to the bike. I always carry an extra layer for warmth, spare gloves, wets, etc so I'm happy to have it on permanently..

  3. G'day Joe, will keep an eye on it, I noticed the nuts have nylon in them to 'lock' in, the plate attached to the bottom of my old rack hooked up ok, might replace the plates with 'conduit hooks' which are gal and shaped better for the job for the outer tubing anyway. can never have enough bolts n brackets lol.
    Handy buggers these top boxes, all they gotta do know is think of same but as side pannier style in a 'temp' fashion..
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    I had the same one on my Yamaha and loved it. Paid more for it though.

    The thing I had to tighten was the nut on the inside. Everything else never came loose.
    O yeah, and the lock's nut on the inside rattled loose. Both nothing major.

    Glad to see your happy with it.