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Top Box - which one??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by flashthebiker, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. A bit of background first. Ride a VFR to work daily, new job requires me to carry a 15 inch laptop, plus various files.

    Options I have considered are backpack - unfortunately my neck is stuffed and I can't ride with a backpack with anything more than my lunch in it :(

    Tankbag - not sure about these, never used one. My preference is for a hard bag, and I'm not sure I want to trust a magnetic one with my boss's $6k laptop in it :shock:

    Top box - I think this is my preference. Looked at genuine - phar-out! Almost $1k. There is also R-Jays and Givi?

    Has anyone had any experience with either of these brands, and can make a recommendation as to which one?? I have a sturdy rack on the back so I'm hoping just to connect the base plate for the top box straight to it.

    Happy to be talked into something else (but not a freakin car!).
  2. I use a Givi 46 Litre "Monokey" top box on my '01 FZ1.

    It fits my Laptop Bag (containing a 15.4" Screen Laptop, power adapters, cables, etc, etc) and a pair of shoes (don't wear my boots all day) with room to spare. Being "Monokey" it does however require the Givi rack, but it does make removal from the bike SOOOOOO easy.

    With "tetris like" skills, the empty box will actually fit two helmets in there.

    That said, from memory I think the setup (rack and box) was between $500 and $600, so still certainly not cheap.

    You can see it on the bike HERE
  3. I had to buy some sort of bag/box so I could carry my laptop and a few other bits. I ended up with a Ventura rack and an RJays bag. The bag expands vertically in 2 steps. Also the pockets on the side and the back/front (depends on how you are looking at it) also expand. I can easily fit my widescreen laptop in it along with a pair of shoes, lunch, second set of gloves and all my personal stuff. The pockets on the side are big enough to fit the liners from my jacket and also my Rjays pants. The bag cost $120 and the rack was about $250. The rack normally comes with a bag but I had already bought the bag.
  4. I have a 45L Givi, good for holding the basics but I find the weight needs to be low down as they're pretty flimsy.

    Maybe custom make a bracket and fit any case you like? http://www.carryitcases.com.au/

    If you're going with Givi get one from Ebay or the US. I got mine off Ebay, new with generic bracket, for $245.
  5. I've got a Hepco & Becker.

    Generally nice quality, but it seems to have faded from the original black more than I would have expected in 18 months. Mind you, the Perth sun fades anything.
  6. For touring, I have a Givi rack which I have modified to fit an Rjays top box. I find the Rjays top box a much better looking unit (shape and finish), and in my case it's glossy black with matches the Blackbird perfectly. It was also well priced at $ 129.00

    This is the one I have, but it really depends on the color you're after ... with a blue bike maybe a plastic box will suit better ...