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Top Box Options

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Top Boxes…
    I am looking at a top box option as I have discovered that trying to ride the R6 with a backpack is a painful experience (to say the least).
    So far I have found that Givi has there 46 Litre offering but with a price tag up around the $500 mark I am left with the thoughts F#$k that for a joke…
    So then there is the RJays 39 Litre offering. $150 odd looks promising.
    What other options are there and what do people have to say on the subject of these boxes???

    I have done the search thing, there are bits and pieces of info. These two are pretty much all that has been mentioned here, and there doesn’t seem to be much to part em…

  2. Do you want a hard shell box because you need it to be secure? The option of a tank bag that you can take with you is a good one if you have a metal tank.
    I sometimes use a soft Oxford tail pack but it is a nuisance to get on and off quickly.
  3. I thought the Rjays top boxes were a sweet deal too, until I realised they don't come with a rack so you've got to buy a Ventura rack somehow (and you can't buy them new without a tag from a bag), then modify it to fit the topbox. Then it'll fall apart.

    I have a ventura rack with a bag that has backpack straps. It's not that comfortable as a backpack, but it's not like you're going hiking, and it fits a lot of stuff. I just take it with me.
  4. I have multiple tank bag and tail pack options, this is for a lockable large capacity option.
    I have a spare seat from a wreckers, I am going to bolt the mounting plate to the spare seat.
  5. Saw some Givi's at Armadale Motors so gave them a call. They have a 40 litre "Shad" (I think that was the name) made for their SYM scooters for around $200, have no idea on how good they are as I'd never heard of them. The guy I spoke to mentioned they have a second hand Givi 37 litre that he'll ring me back to give a price.

    Maybe give them a try.
  6. I have been using an RJays 39L for a while now, ok it is not the best quality but it certainly does the job and for $150 you can't go wrong! Yes you do need to have a rack to mount the plate too, I was lucky there as the KLE has a rack already.

    I fit my backpack with laptop in there perfectly with room for other bits and pieces too.

    There are some other options available here in Aus, I quite like the look of some of these that Motorrad stocks ....


    The CooCase ones with brake lights, alarm and remote opener look like the dogs danglies!! I believe they are German made too.

  7. I have a Givi E470N which cost me $299 from Byrners Suzuki in Seaford.
    I chose it over the Rjay's top box which wasn't as sturdy in construction as the Givi. It's also detachable from its base mount so when you don't need it, you can remove it in seconds for a clean bike configuration. There's a piccy of it in my garage profile.
  8. The RJays 39 litre looks good but it's not robust in day-to-day use. The base of its has fractured twice on mine, despite good quality plastic welding on both occasions.

    I have reinforced it with a metal plate on the bottom and that has solved that problem, albeit at the expense of adding weight.

    My main issue is that the place where the top and bottom lips join, behind the lock, has worn down on both surfaces, leading to a situation where the lock can pop open when when it is "locked".

    I won't be buying another RJays top box. Very disappointed.
  9. I've had the Rjays topbox now for nearly 6 years and it has been excellent.
    Never let me down and it's used daily in all sorts of weather, watertight etc.
    As for the bracket I had a mate who donated his old hallmark rack which was modified to fit my ventura mounts reinforced with metal welded plates.
    Can't fault it.

    This is what a 6 year old top Rjays looks like on the back of my bike.

  10. You can't put a top box on an R6...

    This should be in the Sacrilege thread ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) :? :? :? :? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  11. +1 :shock: !!!!!
  12. I understand and sympathise with your sentiment. This is why I am mounting it to a spare seat so it can easily and quickly have ALL evidence removed. :grin:
  13. Not sure what it comes to with postage but the guys at Triumph Rat love em.
    Bestem top boxes
  14. the bestem top box is actually an Rjays top box.
    it is identical to mine.
    Also not the led brake light is an option you can fit, all the backing is there you just have to somehow add the led lights and the wiring.
    Factor in the exchange rate and the cost of postage to Australia and you may as well buy it here at PS or Bikemart where you can try and knock off a few bucks if you haggle.
  15. Dont do it.

    Get a tank bag. I have a rack on my current bike and had a tank bag on my previous. I'd take the bag anyday.
  16. The idea is for when I want to go places for a length of time.
    So for example last time I went to Phillip island, I had a laptop and lcd projector (to put up the whole seasons races) bed roll and sleeping bag, booze and cloths and so on
    So I had a tank bag and backpack. But on the R6 the backpack isn’t an option.
    So I’ll got for the tank bag and topbox (Or panniers and topbox)
  17. http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu23/Hyssy/Stuff003.jpg

    It's not the most gorgeous of combinations but it does the job and is nigh on essential for me now.

    Picked up a Givi Wingrack on ebay for $97 (used, was on a 97 bandit). Bought a fitting kit ($140) and scrounged for the 52litre top box ($expensive). But it's solid, waterproof... blah blah does all the work you expect. The other bonus is that you can mount the topbox onto the pannier hooks if you want. That came in useful when buying a 22" monitor and a 40cm desk fan. Strap them to the seat and the box goes either side.

    I would recommend it, but it's a lot of dosh. Took me a while to get it all together.

    But then if you're looking for something to go on the rear seat this post may be useless :wink: