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Top Box (CB125E)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by UserInterface, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I have a little CB125E and am looking for a top box for it. There are some cheap ones on eBay and I was wondering if I can use these.
    I looked at my bike and it appears to just have a bolt that would go through the center of the floor in the box. Is this all that is needed to mount one?

    These are the kinda thing that I was looking at
  2. You will need to buy a rack specific to your bike.
  3. Even though my bike has that bar around the back seat?
  4. After having a, look at a picture i can confidently tell you I don't know. Sorry. Hope someone else can help.
  5. No problem, I have been googling it for days but don't seem to be getting any closer.. might have to find a shop that sells them and see what they say..
  6. Yeah call a bike shop and ask. They can look up if there is a specific rack for your bike pretty quickly.
  7. A HDPE esky, some mudflap washers and pipe bracket would do the trick (might not be the look you are going for though). Drill through the esky and have the mudflap washers on the inside of the esky with the pipe brackets around the grab rail (and bolts going through the esky).

    I've done a similar thing on my bike (might be a picture here on the forums). I used PVC pipe to make my own rack and attached to the VTR's tie down points with some modified pipe brackets (riveted to the pipe).

    The main benefit of doing it this way is you can get an esky to match the size of your laptop so it doesn't move around when commuting and it is very waterproof (also cheaper than motorcycle specific kit).

    Ocky straps and a milk crate is the traditional approach.
  8. Lol, not quite what I was going for..
    I just want somewhere to store my helmet\jacket\wet gear when not riding and food or something for on the way home.
  9. Yeah Givi seems to be too much, I cant justify spending that on a cheap bike.
    Looked at tank bags and such but I wish to store my helmet when not in use so it needs to lock.
    I will likely get some cheap side bags later but for now just need a topbox.
  10. Can say givis are worth the $ and can move to another bike down the track the one I got is massive at 55l and I got for 380 inc delivery, so a smaller one would be a lot cheaper, have a look http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/
  11. i have a small givi top box floating around, enough to fit a helmet in, not much else. was great on my learner bike, a little small for a bigger bike though.
    if you are in NSW, and i can find all the bits, you can have it for a case
    it just needs a new key and barrel, easily found on ebay
  12. Yeah that would be awesome. I'm in Waterloo (Sydney) I would need to upgrade to a larger one if\when I have a bigger bike, but for now just want something small and cheap.
  13. i will have a look around for all the bits and bobs tomorrow. i know where the box is, but the plate and mounting brackets have gone awol for the moment.
    will let you know
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]


    plenty of mounting holes on the plate. you may or may not need a rack. comes complete with dust and a small spider web, saving you an extra $35!

    swing me a PM if you want it, and we can discuss terms